The Bitch is Back

When I was a teenager way back when, I uncovered the power of the word Bitch. Every single girl has been called this at one point or another, whether to our faces (common,) or behind our backs (even more common.) It’s an insult slung whenever a woman dares step out of her place, because for […]

We need to talk about Tess Holliday.

Recently model Tess Holliday reached a milestone that took her by surprise: she became a Cosmo Cover Girl. For most of us fat girls, including Tess herself, such a thing was unthinkable. Though we make up the majority of American women, we are woefully unrepresented in the media, which is very much by design. Apparently, […]

The Anniversary That Nearly Wasn’t.

2018 has been a ridiculous year. It’s been full of euphoric highs, devastating lows, and the nagging awareness never to take one damned thing for granted. Steven and I got married August 22, 2001. We got in the habit of collecting anniversaries. Each year was another accomplishment, particularly for Steven, who swore he’d never marry […]

“Insatiable” Final Verdict.

Yesterday, Netflix dropped the first season of its new, controversial series “Insatiable.” Twelve episodes I was encouraged to watch by the shows creators, to give it a fair shot instead of going by what I saw in the troubling trailers, which suggested it was a fat-shaming, fatphobic, sexist mess. It’s got Alyssa Milano, FFS. Alyssa […]

A Tale as Old as Time: Ginger Voight style.

Back in 2016, when Disney released its trailer for the live-action Beauty & the Beast, something struck me very profoundly about this beloved fairy tale I stopped immediately to blog about it. While writing THAT, something struck me at the end that made me reconsider publishing it at all. It’s been sitting in the draft […]

The Ghost at the Door.

Back when I was a kid, most of my travels revolved around family. My dad was one of eleven kids, back when big families like that were the norm. They remained fairly close-knit throughout the years, despite losing a lot of members along the way. By the time I was born, my dad had experienced […]