On the second day of Christmas…

Your Geevie brings to you…

A Favorite Christmas song:

A Favorite Christmas movie:

A Christmas gift from my childhood:

I couldn’t have been more than four when I got this one Christmas. It added to the other Fisher Price Little People toy I had “inherited” in my childhood:

These would prove pivotal to my storytelling education, as I would spend hours coming up with all kinds of stories for these little people. They would have all sorts of drama, including interracial marriages, which was groundbreaking for the mid 1970s… especially given I was just a kid at the time.

I’ve been a pot stirrer for a long, long time.

These toys were the precursor for The Barbie Years, the stories of which would make the writers of General Hospital blush; and a great, fertile landscape for my burgeoning storyteller imagination.

Just goes to show how a few toys can save a childhood from loneliness, and instead provide one of the greater gifts beyond measure.

Christmas Recipe:

From the “naughty” list… my “Cherry Delight Salad”. It’s called a salad because there’s more than one ingredient, not because it is even remotely healthy. You can try to minimize the damage by fudging the ingredients, but it’s generally not going to help much.

The good news is it’s so rich you probably won’t eat a lot of it, but I recommend if you do prepare this recipe for the holidays you make it your pot luck choice.

Fair warning… if you have teenage boys in your household, it won’t last the day.

Cherry Delight

1 can cherry pie filling (you can go sugar free, but it won’t really matter)
1 tub Cool Whip (you can make it sugar free, but again… it won’t really matter)
1 can sweetened condensed milk (you can go low fat or fat free… but … still won’t matter)
1 can of pineapple tidbits

Mix and chill. It’s about that simple. You can add nuts, some people add marshmallows, but again… it just really doesn’t matter.

You’ll be working this one off at the gym come January 1st.

Charity “Joy to the World”

Speaking of feeding people, a long favorite charity of mine is Feed the Children. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that charities who concentrate on starving children are based in some remote third world country whose poverty is beyond our comprehension. FTC has shined a necessary spotlight here in the United States to tackle the problem of hungry children in the land of plenty. Tens of millions of kids go to bed hungry in this country, who live in stark poverty that would break your heart.

The economic crisis has only made this problem worse.

For just $25 you can provide 175 pounds of food for hungry kids right here in the US.

There are many ways to donate and to help, and many ways FTC provides aid to those in need both here at home and around the world. I highly recommend you check them out, and give if you can. (You can even donate through your work)


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