On the Third Day of Christmas…

Your Geevie brings to you:

A favorite Christmas song:

A favorite Christmas movie:

A favorite Christmas present from my childhood:

Like the Fisher Price Little People, my Barbie years would further hone my storytelling instincts, especially after the introduction of “Ken” to my own little collection. It also changed MPAA rating as well, anatomically challenged dolls be darned.

My Barbies got pregnant, and with the patience of a saint I would make that storyline last in real time, taping just enough padding on the skinny dolls in increments to simulate the growth of a pregnant tummy over the course of exactly nine months.

Call it attention to detail.

To this day that little nagging need to have things be as authentic as possible has cultivated my own style of creating stories, and driven my own genre choices.

Never underestimate the creative spark of eccentricity.

The picture above is a photo of Superstar Barbie, released I believe in 1976. In my world her name was Laura Barbie (so named after one of my favorite General Hospital characters – keep this in mind as you read ahead, because it will make a lot more sense). In 1979 I finally got a Ken doll and, no so surprisingly he was named Ken. He and Laura married and had four children. Theirs was the most solid of all the relationships in my Barbie world. They lived in a four story mansion, which – thanks to some creative use of furniture – was this pink shelf from my room:

They could afford this because Laura was an actress/singer (hence.. Superstar..). Her best friend was a model, Jenny Gold:

She entered my world single but thanks to a family we used to live with, ended up marrying a Superman 12″ action figure who – sadly – had no clothes. But in my make believe world we didn’t notice this. His name was Bobby and theirs was a whirlwind love affair. They got married and had their first daughter Mindy pretty much within the year I got her.

Their house was not as fancy as Laura and Ken’s, but they had a pretty cool kitchen thanks to ….

The two families would often go camping together…

But things did not stay so rosy for Bobby and Jenny. A photographer named Kevin (with my Ken doll doing Double Duty), became obsessed with Jenny and… when she was pregnant with her second child kidnapped her and took her to a private island so they could start a life over as a new family together.

Bobby was devastated of course. His sister Renee, played in my world by my Marie Osmond doll, came to live with him and Mindy to help him deal with the loss of his beloved Jenny – now presumed dead.

Jenny, however, was just one of those people who was able to turn his heart around (after months of being missing) and finally convinced him to return to him to return her to her real family. She returned to Bobby just in time to give birth to their second child.

Kevin faced up for the consequences of what he did, although Jenny – her heart softened by his struggle with his inner demons – opted not to press charges. So Keven attempted to start his life anew by beginning a relationship with a new aspiring actress/model named Bambi….played by a cheap knockoff Barbie that always looked kinda trampy to me.

This relationship was disastrous. Bambi was an opportunist and a slut who convinced Kevin to marry her (claiming to be pregnant when she wasn’t), and it led to a very unhappy marriage for Kevin as he waited for a child that would never come. The ruse lasted for a good six months, and during that time, Kevin met another aspiring model who was a shy, chaste brunette (again, Marie Osmond) who was the complete opposite of Bambi.

Eventually a Barbie (played by Midge) would enter my world – and her name was Ginger. She ended up marrying a brunette Ken who was named Steve Perry.

Hey. It was my world…. I could do what I wanted with it.

So as you can see, I was never bored as a kid. These stories continued from the late seventies until I was about 17 when I finally met Daniel and started having an exciting life of my own. These were a great creative outlet.

One thing I regret about not having a daughter is that I couldn’t pass the tradition on to her (and play with them when she wasn’t lookin’.)

If God blesses me with a granddaughter, every Christmas she will get one of these dolls.

That she can keep at my house. 😉

Christmas Recipe:

Something for your Christmas morning (or brunch)… spicy Pumpkin Muffins. Not only are they sugar free, but they’re full of nutritional goodness from the pumpkin and the fruit.

A new family favorite. My own “Gin Spin”, I add raisins and leave off the topping.

Pumpkin Muffins

Charity “Joy to the World”

Another charity I’ve supported for a long time is St Judes. There’s not much I could say about this long standing institution you don’t already know. You’ve no doubt seen the celebrity endorsements from those far more eloquent than I. All I can say is as a mother I can think of no greater heartbreak than to have a very sick child, and I’m so thankful that St. Jude’s is there to help families out when they need the support the most.

There’s no greater gift than the gift of health. Especially to a family with a sick child.


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