On the Eighth Day of Christmas…

Your Geevie brings to you…

A favorite Christmas song:

A favorite Christmas movie:

A Christmas memory:

The Relish Dish. It’s been a part of the Christmas meal from as far back as I can remember. Though I call it a relish dish it’s basically a spread of appetizers and finger foods to keep a hungry crowd satisfied before we get to the main meal.

We’ve added to it (the Deviled Eggs) over the years, and it can change depending on finances and the personal preference of guests (just added cocktail shrimp this year for Timothy), but two staples that are always available are the olives. Olives can be a hard sell to folks who either like the black kind or the green kind, or none at all. I’m the kind who likes – I mean loves – them both.

The memory attached to this has to do with that passionate love affair with olives I developed as a kid. I would get five black olives and put on on each finger, go up to anyone who would pay me attention, show them the olive tipped finger and say, “Now you see it!” – pop the olive in my mouth and say, “Now you don’t!”

Precocious, I know… but it’s the family joke about me and olives, and it usually comes up every year with the appearance of the relish dish.

If you ever meet my mother, she’d be happy to share that story with you.

Christmas “Joy to the World”

Every year we’ve all grown accustomed to those ringing bells at the door of many retail outlets to let us know there’s an organization that could benefit from our spare change. The Salvation Army, begun in the 1800s in England, was a ministry to bring the Word of God to the most destitute among us (Jesus had instructed this of his followers in the Bible, instructing what we do for the Least of These we do for him). The Salvation Army continues this mission today, by providing services for the homeless, the elderly and the needy. That classic red kettle helps raise millions for this cause, and they also have the Angel Tree where you can adopt an angel and purchase their gifts.

You can donate money, time, clothes and more. It’s a definite way you can spread the light of Christmas to the world.


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