On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Your Geevie brings to you…

A favorite Christmas song:

A Christmas movie – with a nod to Mommy who loves Laurel & Hardy:

A Christmas memory:

The first time I went to Disneyland was as a Christmas gift from my boss for my family. The boys were small and able to fully enjoy the magic that is Disney, but even as a grown woman I was not immune. Imagine my surprise that – as a 26 year old – I almost squealed with delight when I came face to face with Mickey Mouse.

There are photos to prove it.

I’ve been to Disneyland and even Disneyworld since then, but I have to say there’s just something extra special about spending the holidays there. A magical time in a magical kingdom. I highly recommend it.

Christmas Recipe:

Another congealed salad that is a favorite of my mother, that pairs especially well with ham, is an “Apricot Delight” salad. It has the surprising ingredient of apricot baby food, which has become increasingly harder to find. I would think you could probably substitute it with peaches if need be – although I haven’t tried that yet.

You could also get some apricots (or dried apricots) and boil them till their soft and mash them up… which actually might be a healthier choice.

But then again with the sweetened condensed milk and added sugar, you can minimize the damage by choosing sugar free jello or swapping sugar for agave, but it’s still going to be a dish to be done in moderation.

Can you say pot luck? I knew that you could…

Apricot Delight Salad

2 pkt Apricot jello
2/3 cup Water
1 can Crushed pineapple, undrained
1 1/2 cup Chopped nuts
2/3 cup Sugar
2 jar apricot baby food
1 can Condensed milk, chilled
1 pkt Cream cheese (8 oz.)

Combine jello, sugar and water, bring to a boil and dissolve jello.
Remove from heat, stir in fruit; set aside to cool.
Combine milk and cream cheese, beat until smooth.
Stir in jello mixture, add nuts.
Pour into mold or bowl and refrigerate.

Christmas “Joy to the World”

Another favorite charity of mine to support is Habitat for Humanity. To work to provide the dream of a home to those who might not have been able to achieve this dream otherwise is a noble one indeed. You can provide funds or even volunteer.

Some folks may feel like this is a freebie house to a poor family but truth is the families who get a home from Habitat actually earn it by volunteering hours building their own home or the homes of others. That lends directly into the philosophy that if you have to work for something you will value it more.

And this provides much needed restoration in the aftermath of disaster as well.


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