On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

Your Geevie brings to you…

Christmas Music:

A Christmas TV moment:

A Christmas Memory:


Stockings in my family were typically the standard red mesh thing full of candy and fruit, and so I continued the tradition except that I purchased my kids the red felt kind and personalized it with their name on it. I thought that was pretty fancy given my particular tradition, until I met Steven and his family.

They treat the stocking with a lot more reverence. In truth, the stocking is pretty much another gift itself. It’s full of funky little thoughtful gifts that his mom Sharon picks up over the year – and because it’s so unique and fun Steven and his sister looked forward to that stocking as much as they did their presents. They would both laugh with warm nostalgia when they’d pick out these little medical freebies she’d get as a practitioner, little pens or pads or any kind of doo-dad they’d be giving away. All these would store all year until she could tuck it in the stocking as a little extra, along with any other little knick knack here and there just as the fancy struck.

It was more than a stocking, it was a project.

It’s given me a lot more creative liberty with the kids’ and Steven’s stockings, even though I know I’ll never be able to match what magic Sharon was able to create with hers.

So thanks Mom2 for the great new holiday tradition for my family.

Christmas Recipe:

This is another recipe I got from my mother-in-law. She prepared this on one Christmas and I’ve been a maniac for it ever since. Normally the recipe calls for brown sugar, but we can totally fudge this with agave nectar if need be.

Truth be told though, since I’ve taken to drinking cider without any kind of sugar or sweetener at all – you could probably do this without any sweetener other than the fruit and it’d be great too.

Pineapple/Cranberry Cider

1 quart unsweetened pineapple juice
1 can jellied cranberry sauce
1/2 to 3/4 cup sweetener if desired (brown sugar/agave)
mulling spices (clove mix)

Basically heat it all till the cranberry sauce dissolves (stir often) and let simmer with the mulling spice in a tea strainer.

A definite crowd pleaser, especially if it’s cold.

Christmas “Joy to the World’:

I’m a Food Network addict (of course) and this season they are partnering with Share Our Strength, to ensure that no child goes hungry. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs in this country where so many boast about how great we are that almost 17 million children go to bed hungry. This organization has come up with several ways to contribute this holiday season, so check it out and give what you can.


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