I pledge allegiance to my health…

Day two on my Vegan adventure was another success. I ate my pasta creation from yesterday for lunch, for dinner a portobello mushroom burger and home fries (made by my loving hubby since my back was virtually out), with a nice sweet snack of a apricot and coconut bar from Nature’s Path (which I highly recommend) and 100% juice.

All in all a good day, and I may even have some cereal before I go to bed.

But I have to watch my calories a bit more now because today I took the Pound for Pound Challenge pledge to lose 50 pounds by June 30, 2010 so that 50 pounds of food could be donated for my local food bank. So I’ve gone back to my trusted friend, Sparkpeople.com, to track my food and activity so that I can meet this goal.

And, in a brief moment of bravery, I will link you to my own page where you can track my journey including my food intake journal and my weight.

My Spark Page

And even though I was out of work – again – due to my ongoing back problems, I did get productive and sent a query for Comic Squad into an agent.

So fingers crossed on all fronts.

I’ve also considered resuming my video blogs over on YouTube. It’s a little more intimidating to actually video tape my journey as I’ve always used words and my writing as masks for the world, but it was successful when I used it before and realized I could actually befriend *myself*.

That was a revelation for me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m biting off more than I can chew but I just have to remember that all I need is to get through each day. Good decisions will add up just the same as bad ones, and in six months I want to have something to be proud of.


6 thoughts on “I pledge allegiance to my health…

  1. You go girl… maybe you can inspire my daughter with your yummy finds 🙂
    I too am aiming to get me diet back on track, and get this lazy arse to the gym….

  2. I agreed to not eat meat while with a friend on avacation, and had a McDonald’s big mag without the meat–an extra slice of cheese instead.

    No taste difference didn’t feel all sluggish and gross afterwards either.

  3. I joined Sparkpeople.com, too. They’re awesome. I’ve already lost 4 pounds as of today’s weigh in.:) Only 4 more to go until I hit my monthly goal of 8 lbs. I want to lose 38 more.

    I also plan only eating one meat meal today. Yay for us!:)

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