Update on My Back

Just thought I’d write a quick blog on my back issues instead of cluttering up the Twitter feed with a bunch of whiny tweets.

The problem I am having is primarily muscular. It’s right across the upper to middle back, where I was actually injured last year lifting something heavy while I worked at Dillards.

The last time I had my back problems I was given some muscle relaxers, but they didn’t relax anything. I was given Ultram by the doctor I saw for the original injury, as well as some simple exercises to loosen the back. So I started taking the Ultram again when these last round of back spasms started, because they were so painful they basically debilitated me. I was bed bound unable to move or even take a deep breath without paralyzing pain.

The pills calmed the back spasms at first, even though they came with the nasty side effect of dizziness. I mean the head swimming, stomach churning kind. Not one of my favorite side effects for sure, but since the spasms had gone from hourly to maybe once or twice a day I put up with it.

Under the heading of good news/bad news the dizziness has finally abated, but the back spasms have returned. Only instead of the charlie horse kind, they are just one long painful solid contraction that feels like a hard board right across my back.

Steven has been giving me deep tissue massages that he learned from one of my many PTs. Now, a lot of people like massages but I do not. My back has been problematic for years, and these types of manipulations are quite painful because it has been (and continues to be) sensitive to the touch.

He easily located the knots that had crippled me and tried to work them out, but they didn’t like that one little bit.

So that means exercise is a must, even though I’m quite scared to do it. If my back goes out, I’m screwed. But I’ve already missed three days already with this thing, so I can’t risk my job (or finances) any more by missing additional work.

I’m off today which means I can start doing some of the exercises that I was taught by my PT. I hate to say it though, I think I may end up back at the doctor whether I want to go or not.

I think it’s time to save up for that Tens machine. These back episodes have become so frequent it’s hampering my ability to do the exercises that will strengthen my back and prevent them in the future, and it’s a very sucky cycle that needs to end pronto.

Take care of your back, kids, and it’ll take care of you.


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