The First Official Weigh In

As many of you know, I didn’t start this Vegan journey to lose weight per se, but to be healthy with the natural byproduct of losing weight.

I’m the kind of person who gets “goal obsessed” to the point that it wrecks the journey. And this is too long and too important a journey to compromise with the wrong focus.

But after my latest bout with my back this motivates me more to keep track of the weight and work towards being leaner as part of the whole health package. I may never get down to 150 pounds. But I can’t stay at my current weight either.

There has to be an accountability, even if I’m not going to let myself get scale obsessed.

(Says the girl who has weighed in almost every day…)

While I had originally started my weigh ins on Sunday, I had changed it to a day off, like Thursday, instead. Sleep is very vital to a weigh in, as I’ve learned. But since I’ve had a ton of days off thanks to the back (which is STILL spasming despite the meds – argh) – and PLENTY of sleep – I decided to get an official tally of my weight after a week of the Vegan (or in some cases Veganish) experiment.

Drumroll please….

I’m down 7 pounds for the week.

Imagine how surprised I’d have been if I had kept off the scale all week! (I gotta make that my goal for Thursday)

Now of course I realize that I cannot maintain this type of drastic weight loss, as a lot of it was no doubt water weight, etc. I think I read somewhere you can only *really* lose about a couple of pounds of body fat per week. Still. I have appeased the gods of the scale, and I am going to feel good about it.

Especially since I’ve eaten well, enjoyed the food, and haven’t really felt deprived at all. It’s the best of both worlds.

It also gives me great hope I’ll reach that 10lb goal by month’s end. I figure anywhere from 8-10 is going to be a reasonable aspiration, depending on what I can do to make it happen. As with anything in life, you only get out of it what you put into it.

Once the body calms down after the WTF first week, I know I’ll definitely had to add stuff (i.e. exercise) to the mix in order to keep the momentum going.

But right now I can’t even think about that. It’s time for breakfast (good ol fashioned oatmeal sweetened by raisins and vanilla soy milk) and yet another dose of my knock out pills.

See you sometime after midnight.


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