Time sure flies when you’re unconscious

I spent the better part of my day asleep, drugged out of my head and dreaming my life away instead of actually living it.

I kid you not, I had a dream I trimmed my nails and when I got up – was surprised to see that they were not, in fact, trimmed.

This further strengthens my resolve not to do drugs recreationally.

By the time I got up I had zero enthusiasm to do anything. But, when you’re the only one in the house who knows what you can and can’t have, you must get off your aching behind and trudge through it anyway.

I made my Texas caviar. It’s an easy dish you don’t have to cook. Served with blue corn chips it made a tasty dinner.

It’s two cans of black eyed peas, one can of black beans, one tomato, one bell pepper, some jalapenos for spice, red onion and light Italian dressing.

It makes a ton but that’s okay because you have plenty of leftovers to last several days. And this is the type of dish that tastes better the longer it sits.

I figure Wednesday I’ll go do more shopping for the next week. I’m really rather psyched about it. I’ve got so many wonderful recipes ready to try including veggie chili and vegan cornbread, Vegan pizza with my first foray into Vegan cheese territory (wish me luck). Also gonna try my first vegan dessert – rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins.

It’s gonna be a fun week. Did I mention already that I love my food?

I’m really excited about trying a black bean and sweet potato enchilada recipe as well. It’ll make the list next week for sure, because I love enchiladas and this fits the bill to steer away from mock substitutes and instead go for new and exciting flavor combinations.

Still having fun. Still going strong. That seven pound loss from this morning? Merely an added benefit.

How are you all doing?


3 thoughts on “Time sure flies when you’re unconscious

  1. Wish I liked sweet potatoes.:) I’ve been thinking about vegan pizza a lot, too. Tomorrow I’m going shopping for vegan cheese, soy milk, dairy, and to get the ingredients I need for those black bean burgers.

  2. Never rule out acquiring the tastes of these new foods. Jeff *hated* sweet potatoes growing up and now loves them.

    With black beans, though, you could probably put just about any potato in there and it work.

    Good luck on your veggie treasure hunt. I can’t wait to hear how the black bean burgers turn out for you! And if you find a tasty substitute for cheese or dairy – lemme know. I’m takin’ suggestions.

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