First day back at work…

…and I became a whimpering, blubbery mess. I managed to hold it together while there but my inner child was bawling her freaking head off. I couldn’t stand upright… forget the whole posture workout thing. I was hunched over like a withering old hag.

And I learned something. Pain + Ginger = Steven. I no longer put up with all the stuff I could smile and get through with a positive, upbeat tone of voice. Instead I kind of had this, “So whatta you whining about? You wanna hear about MY day??”

It was ugly. I held myself off from being truly snarky but I didn’t take any crap either. I’m surprised I didn’t have any sup calls (a call that gets escalated to a supervisor).

Good thing I didn’t take my hydrocodone at work. Lord only knows WHAT I would have said. As I learned on Facebook, hydrocodone turns off that handy lil tact switch between your head and your mouth.

Steven knew what kind of shape I was in when he came to get me and brought my plethora of medicine bottles. Then he said those magic words… “fast food”.

“I know you don’t feel like cooking, and Wendy’s is open till 2am.”

And I thought about it.

For about three seconds.

“No, that’s okay. I’ll just fix something at home.”

Who rules?

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So I came home and made some kick ass burritos that weren’t, in full disclosure, completely vegan. I mixed some Mexican Rice a Roni along with some kidney beans, for the filling. I also cut up some avocado (a great creamy replacement for cheese btw), some fresh tomato and some yellow and green onion. Wrapped it up in one big tortilla and had one – count em – one of these tasty treats.

I ate it with a fork and was sure to drink as much water as possible while eating. That helped me feel fuller faster.

Now, it sounds pretty healthy (except for the sodium content of a boxed rice meal) but since I had to use butter to make the rice it couldn’t be considered TOTALLY vegan.

But close enough until I can find a suitable alternative.

It tasted great and was a heckuva lot healthier than anything I could have ordered at Wendy’s… which amounts to what these days? A salad? Even then I can’t be assured they won’t have meat or cheese so… best to avoid the drive thru temptation all together.

Best of all I have a ton left to have more tomorrow. So that’s probably going to be at least four or five meals and it only cost me probably less than $7 total to make. That’s a big, filling burrito for anywhere from $1.28 to $1.60 a piece – without all the saturated fat, meat and cheese.

Drive thrus? We don’t need yer stinking drive thrus!

Now since we’re all working on getting fit together, a lot of us using the same diet, either vegan/vegetarian or flexitarian, then it stands to reason we’re going to talk more about exercise. To be honest, I’m gonna need your help more than ever on that front as I experiment to find out what excites me as much as the Vegan lifestyle has. Exercise has never been my friend. I’ll do it, but it’s not something I find fun or race to do.

Therefore I’m open to suggestions… so much so even those infomercials are starting to look appealing. To start the dialogue, I thought I’d introduce an article that came to my email today. There are a lot of gadgets out there on the market (especially advertised this time of night) that sound way too good to be true. You know my thoughts on the weight loss industry marketing desperation, color me dubious.

What – exactly – can be trusted?

Well Sparkpeople, wonderful folks that they are, have listed the 10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick. So enjoy the article and if you’re a member of Sparkpeople (and I sure hope you are or will be … because they rock), don’t forget to get your points for reading the article.

And if you join Sparkpeople, you can find me on my page – Geevie.

(It’s my job to make that name famous EVERYWHERE haha)

Meds are blissfully kicking in so I can take a nice relaxing bath and hit the sheets.

Tomorrow is leftover day, but Wednesday I go shopping.

I’m so psyched.

I don’t remember being this psyched about any eating plan or lifestyle change… ever. Now to get that same enthusiasm for exercise, and I’ll be so set.

2010 really will be epic!


6 thoughts on “First day back at work…

  1. Awesome! Glad you made it to work despite the pain. I wish I could get excited about an eating plan and cooking as I do exercise. I’m the exact We can learn from and help each other, though.

  2. I’m glad that I can get excited by the meal planning/cooking etc because if I didn’t I’d be sunk. There are no real Vegan alternatives here where I live. Otherwise I’d fall prey to those drive thrus and be sabotaged for sure.

    Let’s just hope your creativity takes over because that’s what did it for me. Otherwise I was the Fast Food queen. haha

    And I need all the help I can get as far as the exercise goes. Jeff tells me the Wii Fit is lots of fun, and it was on my budget planner to get one next month.

    I was also going to get some of those Sketcher Step Ups this month but I don’t think that’s going to pan out. $100 is a lot to shell out for a pair of shoes, especially when we’ve had the added expense of an ER trip.

    Fingers crossed I can make up for this next month.

  3. Personally, I think those Skechers Step Ups are silly and a waste of money.

    As for exercise, I always enjoyed it, but now I have to do it because of my leg injury, so it’s easier for me. I hate cooking, but I’m understanding that it’s an unfortunate part of life that I’ll have to accept. I’m not a fan of eating and food anyway, just had trouble eating the right foods and let myself give in to the Ben & Jerry’s temptation. I’m not saying I never did any emotional eating, just not as much as a lot of people do.

  4. I’ve done some research on the Sketchers and most reviewers say it not only improves their posture, but many who had back/knee or foot problems noticed significant differences in the pain they normally endured in regular shoes. Some were able to stand on their feet for 10 hours at a time with limited pain.

    That’s what appeals to me, given my recent problems with my back and of course the heel spurs I developed at Dillards. Especially after Hal said what he said about the posture. But it is an expensive experiment, that’s for sure.

    I’m definitely an emotional overeater. I’ll probably get around to facing that when I start doing the video blogs again. Hopefully I’ll have one up by the end of the week.

  5. True. But as my hubby tells me, you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes. So I’m considering it, just as investment in my back/feet. Just need to budget for it.

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