Another hurdle cleared. I’m getting pretty good at this!

One of the goals that Steven and I have committed to this year is to focus more on our relationship. We’ve been married going on nine years this year, and things can get a little… too comfortable. Ruts are way too easy to slip into, and we’ve grown apart these last couple of years due to all the hardships we’ve had to struggle to survive.

Our relationship has definitely taken some hits.

So we decided that we would dedicate a portion of our budget each month to go out on “date nights” – where it’s just the two of us, focused on the two of us. We decided to go out to eat, and he ran down the options for me.

We could eat at Johnny Carinos. Despite being an Italian temptation full of rich sauces and cheeses, they have a really good angel hair pasta dish that is vegetarian. All I need to do is skip the parmesan.

We could go to Zookinis, where they have a kickass salad bar.

Or we could go to the Cotton Patch Grill, a place where comfort food reigns supreme.

I was undaunted – and chose Cotton Patch.

There on the menu, buried next to the meat loaf, the pork chops, the shrimp baskets, the grilled salmon I found the Wabbit platter. You pick either 5 veggie sides or 3 veggie sides and a dinner salad.

I chose the dinner salad. No cheese, no bacon, no cream based dressing. I also got some steamed veggies (baby carrots, squash and broccoli), some sauteed mushrooms and baby carrots which were so sweet they were practically a dessert in and of themselves.

This was my spread:

THIS is what Steven ate:

So I definitely defeated the restaurant hurdle, no problem. Better yet, when I put my food in Sparkpeople for the day it added up almost exactly where it needed to be, in almost every category. Even the protein wasn’t that much of a struggle.

I also realized that since veggies take a little more effort to eat, they are quite satisfying. I never thought that would be possible, that I needed something with more “substance” to feel full. But the broccoli and the salad fit the bill nicely indeed. You eat slower, feel fuller faster with less food. It’s a win/win.

The things you learn every day!

We went to the store, which was once more a lot of fun to discover the different things I could play with over the coming months. I’m especially interested in vegan baking along with the fresh vegan meals I’ve been preparing.

Tonight I made that veggie chili and vegan cornbread. As I was adding the spices to the chili I started to have second thoughts. I like spicy food but this was intimidating even me. The cornbread also gave me pause – without eggs it didn’t look like any batter I’d ever worked with. The color was off and it looked grainy. I was a lil concerned.

This is the finished product:

The chili was indeed hot but very good. The cornbread was a little more bland, but I figure if I put onions or a chili/corn mix into the batter (like I do my own cornbread) then it’ll help give it a little more oomph.

It’s also very dense BUT that made it a perfect partner for the chili. Crumbled on top it absorbed a lot of the liquid and was actually very tasty. (and filling!)

AND to top it all off I bought a beginners Yoga dvd as well as a mat. I figure even if I can’t afford those Sketchers yet, I can still do something fitness related.

That has to be my focus now. I’ve got the food thing down… I need now to give my body the activity it needs.

It’s the last piece of the puzzle.

I gotta make it fit.


2 thoughts on “Another hurdle cleared. I’m getting pretty good at this!

  1. Yay for you and Steven!:) I like Cotton Patch but haven’t gone there since I’ve decided to adopt a more flexitarian lifestyle.

    I bought some vegan cheese, soy milk, and soy creamer. I tried green juice yesterday and liked it, though it looks disgusting. It was the Odwalla brand.

    Today I plan to make the spicy black bean burgers.

  2. Awesome! Lemme know how they turn out 🙂 Yeah I was tempted briefly to try the green juice again but declined. Baby steps haha. Tonight I’m gonna try my vegan pizza with the vegan cheese. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    BTW I saw on Sparkpeople you lost a pound! Congrats! We can now do the Kermit dance Yayyyyyyyyyy

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