A brief blog

I’m fading fast thanks to the hydrocodone that I take for my back pain, so I’ll be hitting the hay a little earlier tonight. I just wanted to check in with today’s victories.

Since this is now my “official” weigh in day, I did so. Only a pound since Sunday – but that’s still great news. I’ve also gone down an inch and a half, which is pretty remarkable because I’ve been bloated thanks to typical hormonal changes.

Next weigh in is next Thursday, which will yield the total pounds lost for the month of January. Two goals to get there: 1. That I lose the remaining two pounds between me and my 10 pound goal for the month and 2. That I can stay off the scale until then.

I’m more confident about one than the other…

Another victory was that my experiment with vegan cheese, in this case on a pizza, was very successful. It didn’t taste *completely* like cheese but close enough for government work. It even melted into that long stringy stuff we like to see on pizza as you pull one slice away from the other.

This is good news for my enchilada aspirations for the future.

I used a pizza crust mix from Betty Crocker, which is really simple as well as cheap. Just add water and press out onto a pizza pan. Added some sauce from a jar, making sure there wasn’t any hidden meat or sugar. I then spread the veggie cheese on top of that, added chopped black olives and pineapple – which is my favorite kind of pizza.

On the side I browned one zucchini and one yellow squash in EVOO and some minced garlic, so it got a nice crunch to it.

This is the finished product:

It was so appealing that my 20 year old carnivore who was forever traumatized by a previous tofu experiment not only tried one piece, but asked for a second as well.

Slowly…surely… I’m winning them over.

That’s it for the day, I didn’t even make my calories since I spent most of the day unconscious (and am about to go to sleep yet again). Hopefully my body will forgive me and not shut things down too much.

Tomorrow will be better, even with going back to work.

More money means more opportunities to try exciting new food combinations. Now that I can have my favorite recipes that include cheese back, I will be *unstoppable*.


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