Another visit to the ER

After Steven gave me another ice massage and I was reduced to a sobbing, pain riddled wreck, we went to the ER again with the rather impotent hope that they could do something – anything – to make it better. Of course I knew going in there’s nothing that they can do. ER is not comprehensive care, but there to treat the acute symptoms only.

I was about as acute as I wanted to be. So I went in and they gave me a couple of shots, another prescription – this time for Tramadol (the Ultram that makes me super dizzy) because he didn’t want me to get too dependent upon the hydrocodone/Vicodin. (Which is fine – just give me *something* that helps). He also gave me a few days to acclimate to the new pain management pills and a referral to a doctor.

What I need now is physical therapy. There’s no getting around it.

So tomorrow we’re going to check with our insurance guy and see if he can give us a rate that would be better than what is offered through Steven’s job.

Since I’m possibly facing a layoff, we figured this was the best option.

Hopefully it’ll be reasonable AND I can start getting treatment right away. With my back problem being a “pre-existing condition”, there’s just no telling.

And people wonder why I wanted a Public Option.

I’m losing four days worth of pay, AND incurring expensive ER bills, AND not fixing the problem.

And people want to know why I wouldn’t mind paying a higher tax each year if it meant I could be covered in situations such as this… along with other folks who need the care as well.

Food was not a problem thanks to the leftovers that I had in the house, but I did grit through fixing some more stir-fry. I put garbanzo beans into the mix this time for some added protein, but I think next time I want to try and find edamame for the next stir-fry.

And I absolutely can’t wait to make some Sesame Sweet Potatoes. Hal Sparks posted a pic of some sesame yams he found in NYC, and the minute I saw the picture my mouth watered. Turns out it’s very simple – and although the recipe calls it a “side dish”, I can definitely see making it a focal point of the meal along with some broccoli and rice.

Can’t wait.

The other big hurdle I managed to clear today was that while at the hospital a commercial for cheese came on the TV and I wasn’t even tempted in the slightest.

This is HUGE for me considering I ate cheese daily almost for the past 40 years.

In truth that’s been the biggest challenge/joy of the new eating lifestyle. The way I used to eat has pretty much been erased in the ultimate do-over. I can’t eat like I used to, so I have to figure out what will replace those old (unhealthy) dishes I used to make.

There’s nothing that pleases me more than to experiment with some of these more natural alternatives and it work.

It’s the little victories that get me through.

So tomorrow my task is to do my stretches and go walk at least ten minutes on the treadmill.

With the next four days off, I’ll be able to take these calculated risks. If my back goes out, I still have time to recover.

Now I must take a hot, relaxing bubbly bath and get some sleep.

We’re getting there…


2 thoughts on “Another visit to the ER

  1. PT is the hardest, most grueling, yet most rewarding and life-changing experience. It gave me my life back after my accident.

    I had a similar cheese triumph yesterday, too. I went to Central Market and though the smells of the cheese wafted over me, I was not tempted at all.

    That’s. HUGE.

  2. Awesome! Congrats! 🙂

    Yeah, I’ve had similar results with PT before. Just can’t afford formal PT right now because it has to be fairly extensive to be effective (like three times a week).

    So I’ll do the steps they taught me and go from there.

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