Three out of Five Ain’t Bad

Today I did make some progress on the goals I mentioned in the last blog. I didn’t get to walk again today due to the medication, which is one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of Tramadol, and one of the reasons I’m glad I got the time to get used to it before I had to head back to work.

This dizziness is nothing to play around with.

But I did get a query out to a publisher, entered those 500 words in a contest to compete for a critique from an agent as well as tested the waters with one of my friends “in the business” to see if I could get a referral… something I had always been loathe to do.

For one, I don’t ever want anyone to think I’m using them to get something and two – I hate asking for anyone to help me.

Makes me feel vulnerable. N’ I don’t like it.

In fact, of the three emails I sent today that was the hardest one to write. I had to physically restrain myself from making a big deal about it by saying, “I’d never do this BUT”. I forced myself to just flat out ask – no permission, no excuse – and let the answer fall where it may.

I’m inclined to think it will be a non-answer if anything at all… and that’s okay.

I think more important for my journey was that I could bring myself to ask.

So that is huge.

Kind of fits with the horoscope for Wednesday:

Relief is on the way now, or so it seems. But there will be no angels riding to your rescue tonight, so you better take care of yourself the best you can. Luckily, you are quite capable of following your intuition and it won’t likely steer you wrong today. Don’t worry about what you cannot control. Take things as they come and respond from your heart and not your head.


Steven gave me another deep tissue massage and he could see a definite improvement in my back. It wasn’t as knotty and tense as before, and he could get even deeper than he was able to get yesterday. If that’s the Tramadol, then it makes it worth my while to take it despite how cruddy it makes me feel initially.

So it was a pretty good day, even though I’m still sleeping in large segments thanks to all this medication.

I’ll be up early tomorrow to catch Humpdays with Hal on the Stephanie Miller Show, as Hal Sparks brings his streaming show to Livestream. Don’t miss it!

Also, if you like movies, the hubby is starting his own wordpress blog to review the movies that we see. Check out Steven\'s blog and comment if you can.


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