Bring it on, February!

This is my Chinese Zodiac prediction for the month:

Prepare for a rollicking Chinese year of the Tiger coming right up on February 14. I don’t say that to scare you. Not a bit. I am telling you it’s the Tiger year because you and the Tiger are pals and this year should bring you masses of good fun and a vastly enhanced social life. The first part of February may contain some leftover Ox year slogging and hard work. But after the 15th, you will experience a Whoosh! of relief. You will be able to let down your hair this year, initiate new projects and leave behind a bunch of stuff and even a few people who were not long useful or positive in your life. I’d say in fact that, when you look back from a later vantage point, this month of February 2010 will be remembered as a turning point in your life in general. Something about how the Tiger year affects your energy level and brings to light certain darker areas, proves to serve you well in all you do later on in the year. Money too will loosen up. You may not get a new job right away. But prospects improve and, if you are self employed, you will see all kinds if new opportunities come your way. Take hold of those opportunities and get started on some new activities. If you have always wanted to go hiking or mountain climbing or try sky diving, this is the time to start researching that area of interest. The Tiger encourages all sorts of derring-do and will succeed in releasing some of that native conservatism you are so famous for. You might learn to Tango or decide to take up Tai Kwan do or learn in line skating. Fact is, you are implementing radical life changes and that is just the way the Tiger likes it.

Given what is looming in a few weeks as far as radical change, I’d say this is a very VERY good way to look at it. Stop worrying it’ll be the worst thing ever, and embrace it that it will open the door to some amazing opportunities.

Considering how depressed I’ve been that I’m stuck in a dead end job and a virtual hamster wheel, this could be the best thing to happen to me.

And I’m going to start taking it as such.

I’ll also take the fact that on my Google report of my name in cyberspace, inspiring a reader with something I’ve published is a hint of great things to come.

I’m also beating Wil Wheaton for the Shorty Award in the Blogger category. (If you haven’t voted for me and would like to, you can do so here.

I’m on my way. 🙂

I’ve also figured out why famous people stay so thin. You get so busy you forget to eat. Last night I completely forgot to eat dinner. I know… I’m as shocked as you are. And not getting enough calories – while it seems would be effective – is actually counterproductive to weight loss because the body shuts down and goes into famine mode, holding on to each precious fat cell for survival.

So I gotta eat more and get moving.

February is my goal to Learn to Love Fitness.

Back be damned.

So I’m off to eat some lunch. See you lovely folks tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Bring it on, February!

  1. I had my last soda today. Yay! My goal for February is to eat a new vegetable each week. What I mean is try vegetables I’ve always hated just to see if I still feel the same way. I went to the store today with every intention of buying a Portabello mushroom, but it grossed me out too much. I know I hate the rubbery texture of mushrooms, and knowing mushrooms are fungi grosses me out, too.

    Maybe next time I’ll be

  2. Baby steps 🙂

    Congrats on the last soda. After a while it won’t even tempt you… at least not much.

    Speaking of vegetables, I’m on a mission to try new ones or usual ones in new ways.

    Toward that end… what the heck is a parsnip??

  3. LOL No idea, really.

    Tom said that he doesn’t like Brussell sprouts (and I don’t either), but that if you boil them first then dip them in peanut butter that they’re good. I haven’t gotten brave enough for that one, either. They look like over-sized boogers to me.

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