Weekly Weigh In

Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so the weekly weigh in only showed a pound lost – but I’m way okay with that. Altogether it adds up to 22.5 pounds lost since October, and 14 pounds lost for this year alone. Considering I haven’t been able to get the exercise part down yet due to ongoing problems with my back, I can’t really complain.

Yesterday I went shopping and the theme this week was “Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment”. I got my first parsnips, butternut squash and kale. Whether I will like them or not remains to be seen, but I’m open to it.

I also purchased the items for a vegan chocolate cake which uses things like tofu, and cane sweetened chocolate chips.

I only managed to get the icing done last night – I didn’t anticipate how much work it would be to get tofu smooth and creamy. It’s not *completely* vegan because I couldn’t locate the vegan margarine required to make the icing, but I figured one tablespoon in the whole scheme of things wasn’t too bad of a compromise.

I did taste the icing after it chilled a while and it’s not bad. The texture is still off (I need to get a food processor), but the taste was good. In fact, it was so chocolate-y it was almost too rich. Thankfully after ditching sugar for so long I think little tastes of these decadent treasures will do me.

This is *great* news.

Last night I had my first vegan family meal and prepared pizzas for everyone. Steven ate his without any real complaint, but as someone who was never a fan of plain cheese pizza was not overly thrilled with the lack of toppings.

Everyone else enjoyed their meal. And I realized I like jalapenos on my black olive and pineapple pizza – so that will definitely make the shopping list next week.

Now I won’t lie and say that the pizza tastes exactly the same, because it doesn’t. But it’s definitely a suitable substitute and is enjoyed just in a different way.

I may even try “green” pizzas in the future – with basil and spinach instead of marinara.

The possibilities are endless – which I completely and totally love.

I also tried some Chinese delivery yesterday. Our local delivery place only has about five vegetarian choices, but the spicy garlic broccoli over steamed rice looked interesting. Turns out it was really good and I didn’t miss the meat at all – but I did have my first real meat craving yesterday looking at Steven’s sesame chicken.

As the first real restaurant food I’ve had in a while, it didn’t quite agree with me and I figure that’s okay too.

I’m wrestling my body under submission to where it will want and only accept those foods that are good for it.

So even if the weight loss slows down or even stops for a while, ti’s okay. We’re still seeing progress (because I’m working for progress).

N’ this is a very good thing.


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