Experiment Week Continues…

With much success!

Sesame Sweet Potatoes, garlic & ginger broccoli stir fry and brown rice:

It was so freaking nummy. I could make a dinner of that broccoli stir fry all by its little lonesome.

It ended up being the savory part of the meal since the sweet potatoes, even with fresh ginger (which, btw, is quite spicy) and soy, still came out pretty sweet.

Not that I’m complaining. Love me some sweet and nummy sweet potatoes. That’s practically a dessert.

My lovely friend Larry Sullivan, actor and cruelty free activist, pointed out I could buy my vegan products online and low and behold I found The Vegan Store.

I’m so psyched. My goal is to be able to bake nummy treats instead of having to pay big bucks to have it shipped to me, like with Babycakes Vegan bakery. That way I can get more people (like the Tofu Hatin’ Son and my carnivorous hubby) on board to try more foods that are better for them.

And for me it’s a great big playground. I want to go to vegan restaurants and try vegan recipes and really change the way I look at food and the way I consume food. I really can do this, and I never thought I could.

This is like a whole new world. Every time I see the opportunity to try something new I want to pounce… like Ellen’s chef preparing vegan chili cheese nachos.

Still waiting for my lovely #Charmageddon friend Tre to come out with some more delish recipes to try.

(These are all people you should follow, btw… just in case you were wondering…)

Oh and that chocolate cake I made? My son all but demolished it. There are four pieces left out of at least sixteen. I had two, Steven had one.

In a word…. SCORE.

Major Vegan Mommy Victory, even though said son looked at me and said, “You’re not converting me, woman!”

Famous last words. 😉

So yeah… I had to manage the strength and enthusiasm to cook a meal at 1am after a hard day at work with an aching back and zero energy…

But it was so SO worth it.

It’s almost energizing it and of itself to eat fresh food cooked well.

Onward and upward. 😀


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