Natural Food Store Experiment

Today we had a pretty craptastic day which led to a chain of events where I was able to cash my check (I had no choice) but I was pretty debilitated to do anything else. So we stopped by the Natural Food Store (Abilene’s one and only) to see if we could find something I could have for dinner no one would have to cook.

The people at Abilene’s One and Only Health Food store are out of this world nice. The minute I said I had just begun the vegan lifestyle they were leading me around the store and giving me tons of helpful advice. I’d never felt so welcomed or appreciated in any business establishment ever.

It. Was. Awesome.

So I walked away with quite the haul:

The vegan pizza I got didn’t work out so well (I make better), but the Tofutti non dairy sour cream worked out very well.

I’m not afraid to make my sweet potato and black bean enchiladas… I think the flavors will all blend well and be pulled together by the sour cream substitute.

I was just so jazzed to find something close by, and they have tons of incentives to go back. They have a cafe that is open daily till 2pm as well on Thursday nights (with live music). The owner said to call ahead and let her know when I was coming so they could have some vegan alternatives.

The cook/cashier is pescatarian like Hal Sparks, and I told her I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I ended up going that route, and she reiterated what I had already been doing – keep it as natural as possible.

Just because I got these items at a health food store, and they had the super healthy ingredients like protein packed quinoa and omega 3 superfood flax seeds (I even found some acai berry concentrate, although at $40 a jar for the concentrate I could hardly afford it) doesn’t mean I don’t still have to watch calories. I gotta make that stuff last more as a supplement to the diet instead of dietary staples.

I even got some raw food at the suggestion of the owner.

But it’s still packed with calories, although admittedly more healthy than the other crap I used to eat.

I can’t wait to go back. I’m going to stock up on the stuff that will permit me to bake some goodies I’ve been reading about.

Hopefully I’ll feel up to it soon. Today was a bad day pain wise, and even resulted in another missed shift.

So time for more pills (which I hate) and another rubdown and hopefully some sleep.

I gotta get through tomorrow no matter what.


6 thoughts on “Natural Food Store Experiment

  1. I love natural food stores because the people are so nice. I feel more at home there now. The local one nearest me is very small, so not much selection in produce, but they have a cafe, too. I think next time I go I’ll ask for advice about going vegan.

    1. There’s no produce at this one either. I think that’s a great idea because they usually already are in the lifestyle, have done the lifestyle or know someone that does. It’s a wealth of information. And these folks at my store were so psyched to share what they knew – it was really great. It’s like an immediate camaraderie, which was great since you know how it feels to be kinda on your own while you shop for this stuff.

      I can’t wait to do the cafe, she said they do a red lentil hummus that sounded yummy.

    1. Thanks! I really did. Those Alternative Baking Company cookies will make a believer out of anyone. They’re high in calories though even though they don’t have dairy or processed sugar. So that’s going to have to be an occasional treat.

      Have you ever had carob?

  2. Make those no”queso”dillas… they will be great! I like to cut sweet tatos in small cubes, add a small amount of oil – salt – garlic powder, and bake at 375 till just turning brown – Then using them in burritos, or just served with beans and rice… yum!
    Yeah for Toffuti and Natural Foods Stores!

    1. Thanks Andre! Those are some great suggestions. I love my sweet potatoes, and learning how to eat them out of the traditional “only for thanksgiving whipped with butter, sugar and topped with marshmallows” southern staple has been a lot of fun.

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