Experimental enchiladas

I relied on my trifecta of hydrocodone, flexeril and the anti inflammatory I can’t ever remember and it knocked me plumb out. That, combined with the backrub, allowed me to get some relief and the pain is at a more manageable 5/6.

I ended up able to make my Sweet Potato & Black Bean enchiladas which were very tasty indeed. They didn’t have the “substitute” flavor of the kind I used to make, and were a lot fresher tasting instead of giving that heavy feeling.

It also made more than just regular meat and cheese. It made way more than the usual skimpy twelve, and the twelve that fit in the pan were nice and full.

While I thought the filling would be interesting with the combination of sweet potatoes and black beans, it was nothing like what I anticipated it would be. The sweet potatoes, when cooked with the onion, sort of adopted a more savory than sweet flavor, leaving the sweet part as more of a hint in the background rather than a prevailing flavor.

I had never had kale before and it was a very strong smelling, almost more like the smell of broccoli than greens. It’s also a stiffer leaf so it gave some body to the filling. Turns out it also helped the filling have a fresh taste.

All in all – a very successful experiment. Tim won’t eat onions so he didn’t try any and I didn’t even bother giving any to Steven. But Jeremiah is more adventurous with his food so he ate three – said he’d eat them again but it wasn’t a favorite.

It was, however, a favorite of mine. Who knew I’d ever want an enchilada that didn’t have cheese?

I’m gonna go get some more I think.

I didn’t eat much of anything yesterday, I think my appetite is finally kicking in. Hopefully that will help the healing process.

I certainly feel a lot more emotionally in control than I did this morning… which may have been because I could purge it all and let it go rather than bury it. Uninterrupted sleep also helped tremendously.

Will definitely make an early night of it tonight so I can be up early to listen to Hal Sparks for Hump Days With Hal tomorrow morning. A full three hours! Should be a good time, can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Sarah Palin and her now infamous cheat notes scribbled on her hand.

She almost made the douchebag blog if I had the fortitude. We’ll just see how I feel in the next day or two.

Hopefully between the nutritious and delicious food and the backrubs, I can get back into the swing of things pretty quickly.


5 thoughts on “Experimental enchiladas

  1. If only I liked sweet potatoes…

    So glad your pain is more manageable today and that you’re feeling better.

    I’m calling it a night early, too, so I can see Hal tomorrow. Yay!:)

    1. It may be one of those things in how they’re prepared too. I read something on a brussel sprout recipe that guarantees even the people who hate them (like the cook herself) will enjoy them.

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