My pajamas.

My pajamas are now so big on me, when I turn over in bed they no longer turn with me.

It’s a little thing, but I’ll take it.

You can almost throw out the scale and rely on clothes as a better indicator of true weight loss and how the body changes. You feel better in your clothes and the looser they are the more you feel triumphant… especially if they were tight before.

I’ll probably start pictures again at the beginning of March to have photographic support of the changes I’ve undergone with this new eating lifestyle.

I’ve decided since I’m no longer really concerned about “not throwing my back out” as much as when I was employed, it’s a good time to implement some physical activity. This will help on two levels. One, it’ll help me heal my back by developing stronger muscles and two, it’ll definitely take the momentum I’ve experienced the last couple of months and keep it going.

Now don’t worry… just because I’m not worried about one little twinge throwing me out of whack and leaving me bedridden and affecting my employment doesn’t mean I’m going to push myself unnecessarily. I’m actually going to start at a snail’s pace, especially while I’m still in the acute stage of pain.

(Last night was another nail biter, and I didn’t get to sleep until after 7am… only after I conceded to some pain pills after trying to get through one night without them.)

I figure maybe ten minutes of a slow paced walk on the treadmill per day, and just adding five minutes to the walk each week as pain permits.

That and I really have to work on my posture. Because of the pain when I sit straight, I’m slumping more than ever… even when I realize that is going to do more harm than good.

I may dig out my balance ball and try sitting on that for maybe five or so minutes a couple of times a day. I’ll have to do more research on the exercises that will help my back get better (aside from the simple stretches I already know).

I still haven’t been able to do the one where I pull my knee up to my chest. At PT I was able to do that in a hot tub, here I’d probably have to lay on my back.

There’s absolutely positively no way I can lay on my back. Laying flat on the bed is iffy.

But this is why I had to quit the job – so that I can take the time necessary to take these baby steps to get better.

Which reminds me, I need to call my mother.

Probably one of the two people on the planet who will think it was a bad idea.

Not that I’m saying that to slam my mom, she just comes from a different time and a different mindset. The reason she’s disabled today is because she worked like a horse all her life, through every crisis and every handicap.

I’ve seen how that has limited her enjoyment of life and what she can do that makes her happy and I just know – I never want that to be me.

Which is why there is a Journey to Epic in the first place.

I want the next 40 years to be healthier, happier and more successful than the first.

I have this power. It’s time to utilize it doing what services me for the long term, instead of just for the now.

This is my job now.


2 thoughts on “My pajamas.

  1. Congrats! I weighed myself today, but not at the time I usually weight myself, so it probably wasn’t accurate. I’ll weigh when I get up tomorrow.

    I’m finding that my pants and jacket are fitting better, which is so awesome!

    I’m so sorry you had such a bad night. You’re taking positive steps in the right direction, I think.

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