Spending all of Valentine’s Day in bed

It isn’t as fun as you might think. I am seeing some improvement in my back though, and that was very happy news indeed after the last few nights.

Probably wasn’t a fun Valentine’s for Steven, though. Not quite as romantic as our first Valentine’s Day we spent in Vegas but I did get a rose though from darling hubby – and that was a very sweet surprise.

He can be quite romantical when he wants to be.

Despite being in bed all day I was productive, so there is that. I wrote an article for Helium about my top ten romantic comedies and I also got a video blog done when I finally got up and somewhat presentable.

I barely ate because I just really didn’t get motivated to make anything, and I wasn’t really hungry. So I almost had a Valentine’s Day fast.

The food is still vegan and sugar free, although I think I may splurge on some of the local candy shop’s chocolate covered strawberries. They’re amazingly good – and kinda pricey. So it’s not something that I can keep around the house, even with their sugar free stuff. (this is a good thing)

Just perfect for a special occasion kinda treat. 😉

Anyway here’s the blog. I get kinda raw and talk about some deep stuff… but it’s necessary.

At least, it feels necessary. We’ll see how it all sorts out in the wash.

I just keep telling myself to get that which I’ve never gotten, I have to do things I have never done.

So … feeling the fear and doing it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Spending all of Valentine’s Day in bed

  1. I commend you for doing this vlog because I know it must’ve been painful and difficult for you.

    {{{Ginger}}} I couldn’t imagine life without you, either. I’m glad I have the privilege of being in your inner circle, and of course, you’re in mine.

    I wish I could do some vlogs because it’s too easy to hide behind words. Next time I see you, do you want to do a vlog together?

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