Casien isn’t vegan.

Yep. Kinda annoyed.

Turns out not all veggie cheese is created equal. Some of them contain casien, which is a protein derived from cow milk and used in soy cheeses as a binding agent.


If I wanted dairy in my cheese I’d eat freaking CHEESE. What is the point of having a product that is supposedly dairy free (aka vegan) if it’s going to use dairy products in any form or fashion? It’s not for the taste, I’ll tellya that.

One more reason to do your research and read labels, kids.

Worse yet, I may not be able to find this casien free stuff in my area and have to order them online and pay shipping.

So poo.

This might be why even with eating less I’m seeing the weight loss slow down, too. I was attributing it to the body’s metabolism slowing down thanks to a low calories and inactivity.

Which, it probably is anyway… but I don’t trust dairy anymore after seeing how fast the weight dropped off after I stopped eating it.

Back to the drawing board. Thankfully I’ve found Mexican recipes where I don’t even need the cheese, so I’m pretty excited about that.

It’s shopping day, so I’m psyched about the new menu options I’m trying, especially since I get to go to the health food store too. (Tofutti – get it… love it… it’s awesome) They have a vegan peanut butter cookie that is just out of this world delicious, and that’s my treat when I get to go there. Sugar and dairy free, it’ll knock your socks off.

Too bad it’s loaded with calories. Eh, I’ll just split it with Steven.

The raw chocolate bar with coconut is pretty darned tasty too.

(I’m hormonal… hence the sweet tooth)

This week is going to be a fun one if I can make it into the kitchen to cook. We’re talking scones, we’re talking waffles, we’re talking Mexican lasagna, we’re talking peanut butter cookies…

Even corn fritters.

I’m beside myself with anticipation.

And can I just say again it’s pretty fantabulous that I can get excited about my food on a vegan diet? I never thought that would be possible.

The possibilities are endless.


7 thoughts on “Casien isn’t vegan.

  1. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check my vegan cheese, too.

    I’m glad you’re so happy with being vegan. I’m reassessing my diet and trying to figure out if it’s right for me. I’m also going to slow things down for a while and gradually go vegan. I think all the migraines, cramps, and PMS can be attributed to trying to change too many things at once.

    So my focus is going to be to give up sugar and sodas (again) and stay away from dairy. That’s gonna be for March. I’ll do something else for April.

    I’m just feeling too deprived and hungry being vegan right now. I’m just too picky an eater, too.

    1. I think introducing sodas back into your diet is what might behind your migraines. I know that Jeremiah had horrible horrible migraines and the doctor put him through the MRI etc. Finally he told him to ditch sugar and caffeine and the migraines finally stopped.

      Deprivation is a matter of perspective. If you’re that unhappy with this lifestyle, maybe it’s not for you. Only lifelong changes to your diet is the only way for permanent lifelong weight management and health. If you can’t do vegan, do a meat based diet but add more veggies into your meal plans.

      Like Hal told Steven, “You don’t have to apologize for eating meat. You do have to apologize for not eating vegetables.”

      With the substitutes they have out there, I really don’t see how anyone can feel deprived on a vegan diet – and I fully plan to start preparing family meals with old recipes and new ingredients.

      As with anything else, it’s not a matter of this or that – it’s trial and error to find out what works best for you.

      1. This is not meant as a criticism mind you. I was more expressing my surprise that I could go vegan and not feel deprived myself.

        I’m the queen of deprivation – I want my comfort foods and I didn’t want to ever face a life without my sweets or my cheese.

        Ditching sugar first was probably the best way to do it. It showed me I could live without sugar. I didn’t feel deprived because I saw the benefits right away. So when I decided to ditch dairy I knew that I’d be just fine. I’d find alternatives that would make my life healthier.

        And that’s the point. I know how bad those things are for me so I don’t want them anymore. I don’t feel deprived of roller coaster PMS, out of control depression, obesity, heart disease risk and the risk of diabetes.

        I can eat foods I like (and that includes some foods I used to eat) without all the health issues that go with it.

        That’s what I mean by deprivation is a matter of perspective. It has to do with why you decide to give it up. If you have a mindset this is a temporary fix (like weight loss) then you’re going to be more resentful.

        And I say that from experience, because I’ve been there A LOT. It never gets me anywhere but back to the same old problems. That’s why it was easy for me to give it up.

      2. I know what you mean. I just hate vegetables for the most part and get sick of eating the same few I like. I love fruit, but get tired of it. I think introducing all the bad things AND making too many changes at once made me feel deprived and affected my migraines, depression, PMS, etc.

        I don’t like any of the cheese substitutes I’ve found so far. I only ate salads because I knew I had to get in those damn 5 fruits and veggies each day. It’s hard when you love the things you’re having to give up so much and like very few of the things you can eat.

        You have an advantage in that you love most fruits and vegetables. I don’t , so I feel hungry and like my body is missing something. I think my body has been in famine mode because I’m not eating enough and that’s because I don’t like all the substitutes and get tired of the ones I do like.

        That’s why I’m taking slower. I want to retrain my taste buds, but for me, gradual change in most areas of life is best.

      3. Well we’ll be testing this in the near future as I start implementing these substitutes for people in my family who are a tad pickier than me.

        So far the veggie “meat” crumbles were a big hit as part of the taco filling, so I think most the meals I used ground meat in (spaghetti, casseroles, Mexican food, etc) will be easy to replicate.

        Just keep in mind when you go back to the animal products you choose lean stuff (and if you like fish, I’d recommend you eat that at least two, three times a week – it’s known to help depression) with heart healthy benefits.

        I know I’ll never get Steven to give up his dead cow… but I can start balancing his diet and that’s what he needs more than anything. Just because one isn’t vegan doesn’t mean they eat unhealthily, anymore than saying one who is vegan does.

        Ditch sugar – let that be the thing you work on. If you can master that and sodas, you’ll see a huge HUGE lift in your mood. You may not see rapid weight loss by doing it (depends on how much soda you drink and if it’s regular sweetened soda), but the difference it’ll have on your mood is life changing.

        You might also benefit from the low glycemic lifestyle, where you choose carbohydrates that have lower impact on the glycemic index. That’s what Nutri-System basically is.

        And I’d definitely recommend making dairy/cheese a rare treat instead of a main staple. I’ve lost almost twenty pounds in two months just by ditching it, I think Hal was pretty dead on how it affects the body.

  2. Hey Gin,

    yeah stupid casein.. i have found it in a lot of the soy cheeses here as well. I dont care much for soy cheese though, once and awhile.. but i dont buy it often.

    I LOVE Cashew cheese. I eat it when i am in California a lot, i can’t find it up here. But i’ve been searching the internet for how to make it. I mean it can’t be that hard… its cashew nuts.. salt and maybe a few flavors haha

    I have found a few receipes on the net but i have yet to try makeing it.

    Whenever i am in California, i always go to this place in Santa Monica called Real Food Daily (probably heard of it.. heh) and we have Vegan Nachos, they have organic corn chips, with guac, tomatos, green onion (and you can have soy ground beef added too) and topped off with Jalapeno Cashew Cheese.. yum!

    i think i may buy the ingredients to make some of this cheese after my trip next month.. i’m to broke to buy the raw cashews (so expensive!) right now.. haha

    1. Yeah I hear ya. I saw some alternative cheeses online – like hemp cheese, etc. Those look interesting but it’s all a bit pricey.

      I just want truth in advertising. Calling something “veggie shreds” then saying “oh by the way, this has dried milk proteins” totally deflated my entire confidence I’d been doing so well.

      But given the taste, if I can find something without casien that can give me the same cheese effects, then maybe this is for the best.

      I don’t know if I’m up for making cheese though. lol

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