Busy Week Weigh In

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my writing career this week, both doing articles for different websites (and getting an offer to write for a new one), researching and querying agents and basically gearing my focus and attention toward the life that I want to have.

It’s been pretty awesome, but pretty busy. This blog became the first time casualty.

There were also problems with the back. I didn’t get to start my walking regimen on March 1st like I wanted. In fact that day I had a crippling spasm that threatened to put me out of commission all together.

Fortunately I was undaunted and finally got on the treadmill by the 3rd and walked for 15 minutes. I wanted to walk more but I made a promise to myself I’d stop if I felt any sort of twinge, and truth was it was getting pretty painful just at the 15 minute mark.

Today I went to the store for my walking exercise, and tomorrow back on the treadmill.

A little every day to help condition so that I can exercise more and change my body.

I’m still not quite happy with the fact that my weight is dropping but my body isn’t catching up yet with inches lost.

That being said, however, it did occur to me when I went to the store today it makes it a lot easier to pass by those things that used to have me under their spell, simply because of the way I felt in my clothes. When button down shirts now fit, that’s a pretty big accomplishment in my book.

And I shall relish it – even in the face of my adversary. (Bad food)

Now, with *that* being said I will confess I did eat some fish today. It was a dinner special at HEB for catfish and fries, and I thought if I’m going to go pescatarian eventually it was worth the experiment to see how I responded to fish now.

Truth be told… it wasn’t as good as I had built it up in my mind to be. I ended up feeding most of it to my four legged children.

(They loved it.)

Unfortunately, that’s not my only food confession for the week. Thanks to some drastic hormonal shifts I ended up plunging headlong into some comfort food earlier in the week. (Those veggie crumbles are a mixed blessing it seems.)

Because of this, I only lost a pound this week. I’m not discouraged, hell I’m too busy to be discouraged. But it gives me perspective if I want to keep up the momentum I really need to be diligent. Especially now while I can’t exercise.

With a total 21 pounds lost so far this year (and getting very close to my halfway mark for the Pound for Pound Challenge), I’m no where near ready to give up the progress.

I just have to remember that weight loss, as with so many other things, is a process.

Take it one day at a time, that’s all I can do.


3 thoughts on “Busy Week Weigh In

  1. Congrats on working out this week! It’s impressive you were able to make it 15 minutes considering the severity of your back problems.

    Have you tried salmon since you’ve gone vegan? I was just curious to see how you felt about the taste now.

  2. Not yet. But the catfish – which I used to love – was just too “fishy”. I can’t imagine salmon would be any better.

    I’m sorta bummed about it to be honest with you. I really love seafood (or used to) so it no longer tasting good to me (when it is good for me) bums me out worse than the whole cheese thing.

    I’m over dairy.

    But fish and even eggs (at least to bake with) I kinda hoped I’d be able to resume even if rarely.

  3. That sucks.:( I’m sorry to hear that. What a strange thing to happen. I wonder why that’s the case.

    Btw, I’m going to buy natural sodas today. Will let you know how they taste.

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