Light at the end of the tunnel.

Looks like we’ll be going home sooner than expected. We have a list of things to do before we can, in good conscience, leave – and hopefully the way I have things timed we can leave by early next week and head for home. With a short stop-over in Amarillo to visit my BFF Jeff, and to scout out cheaper alternatives for assisted living rather than the costly home health care available in California. But hopefully, by next weekend, I’ll be back with my furry critters, including the one I’m married to. 😉 (love you Steven!)

In the meantime I’m going to be doing some career oriented stuff here in Los Angeles, including the Showbiz Expo this weekend, and even a Screenwriter Karaoke night on Thursday in Burbank.

Talk about getting out of my box.

But things are happening since I’ve been out here. I was able to sit on two separate occasions with different actors for dinner, and I’ve been recruited to write for a newsletter by a published writer (for pay).

I can’t pass these opportunities up, especially when it seems the universe is putting them in my path for a reason.

But I can use some emotional support, so I’m really glad I have friends – especially show business minded friends – to help me along this strange new path.

Oh… and I’m going to be going to the open photo shoot this Sunday for the NOH8 Campaign. My friend Bliss and I have decided we’d like to see a group photo for the Charmageddon Crew (nickname for the group who supports Hal Sparks now, so named because of the comedy special he taped last November that will air this June on Showtime).

So yeah… I’m going home soon. But not before I dig my heels in here to make some things happen.

Because they are going to happen.


2 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’ll get things squared away and get to come home soon. Congrats on the jobs and getting out of your comfort zone! So proud of you, and so many prayers have been answered.:) (((Ginger)))

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