Getting more than you asked for. In a good way.

Today I took a break from reality to cater a bit to my fangirl side – and by my fangirl side I mean the one that likes movies, celebrities and American Idol.

It all came about thanks to a tweet from Ryan Seacrest, who mentioned on his Twitter feed a few days ago that the first 250 fans who showed up – in green – would be allowed to see an exclusive screening of Shrek 4 (Shrek Forever), along with six of his closest friends… i.e. the remaining idols.

So… a 3D movie for free AND a shot to see the Idols? I’m so there.

We showed up about an hour early, which I thought was kind of late for this kind of thing. I figured there’d be a throng of people there from 10am this morning when the Grove (the venue where this event was located) opened. The instructions said the line would form at 4pm, so we showed up a little after three and prayed for the best.

We finally found the designated spot and were so relieved that only a handful of people were there. The people in charge came over and gave us wrist bands (green, of course) and our respective numbers. I was 94 and Tim was 95. Then they released us to look around and keep ourselves entertained until 6pm rolled around, where we would once again get in a line in numerical order to prepare for the movie.

So Tim and I prowled around; we ate a bit (I had a veggie hot dog and half of a pretzel), then we checked out some of the stores. I made some interesting observations while I was there. 1.) No straight man willingly shops at Crate & Barrel. 2.) The entrance to Abercrombie & Fitch is like stepping into a QAF episode, complete with shirtless hard body young guy and music that proves the thumpa does indeed go on. 3.) Going into an Apple store on a Saturday afternoon is taking your life into your own hands.

We also found a huge – and by huge I mean gi-normous – Barnes & Noble that was three stories high and full of books where we could wile away the remaining time before the movie.

I have to admit it was cute to find my son in the same place I normally find Steven. Normally Jeremiah is more like Steven than Tim, but to see that similarity between them made me smile.

At about five till 6pm, we took our place in line. The long wait began where I anticipated we’d just simply go in and see our free movie.

Every now and then we’d hear the front of the line go nuts and scream and get excited, but it was usually for the camera crew who would go down the line to film us all.

This was especially entertaining after we got our Shrek ears.

At about 7pm, the Idols arrived and began moving down the line. The only one I could see from a distance was Casey James, who – thanks to that glorious halo of blond hair – was the only one who stood out at first.

He’s also over six feet tall.

As they got closer, Tim decided I needed to get my picture taken with him. The problem with this is I have a slight crush on Casey and the more I like someone, the shier I get around them.

Plus someone must have gotten wind of that pesky restraining order because like three big burly dudes stood in between me and Casey.

I could have grabbed Lee in a bear hug, and that would have been fine. But they made sure I kept my distance from Casey, who couldn’t even hear me when I tried to yell out for him.

Crystal Bowersox, however, did hear me. She looked right at me and I told her good luck – which I sincerely meant because crush or no crush, she’s the one who has *got* to win. She’s just in a completely other league than her cast mates.

Plus… she’s the sweetest thing in person too. She reached out and shook my hand was was so sincere in her gratitude, and when she came back by she willingly posed for a pic with me.

I’m still giddy with excitement.

So the official word is I now love Mamasox more than ever and everyone must vote for her.

After that bit of excitement I just figured we’d go on in and watch the movie. Whether or not the idols would go with us, I had no idea. But it was all good up till then and I was happy with it.

Once we got in, we were ushered to a refreshment line full of drinks and popcorn for us to take. Tim and I just couldn’t get over how every time we thought we’d reached the pinnacle of how awesome the day was, they’d improve upon it.

Well that was nothing compared to what happened before the show.

Ryan Seacrest came in, which was awesome. He brought in our six idols, which was awesomer. But when he said he was going to bring in some of his costars, nothing prepared any of us to see Antonio Banderas AND Eddie Murphy come into the theater.

Even my stoic son lost it. It was AMAZINGLY cool.

They addressed us, and then they left, but the Idols sat with us in the theater. You’ll probably see some footage of it on the next American Idol, but I doubt sincerely you’ll see me because we were wayyyy back in the back. It was where Tim wanted to sit, but had we known what we were going to experience we’d have chosen something a lot closer down.

Anyway, the movie was great, but I’ll review it later. The review for the entire experience, though, was pretty darned cool.

All in all not a bad way to spend a day.

And if I lived here I’d try to do that more often.

So today’s lesson, kids… pay attention to Twitter. You never know when it’ll enhance your life in ways you couldn’t possibly expect.


6 thoughts on “Getting more than you asked for. In a good way.

  1. OMG that is so awesome! I love Crystal and am in such awe of her talent. It’s so natural that I can’t imagine her doing anything else, and I can’t imagine her NOT winning.

    So… when do we get to see this picture? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. The pics are on Twitpic via my twitter. Till my own computer gets fixed I won’t be able to upload.

      She’s the sweetest, most genuine person. Of all of them… she’s ready. Not just in talent but in graciousness. I can see why they call her Mamasox, she just has this open spirit that embraces people.

      Like someone else we know. 😉

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