Capitalizing on Creativity

A lot of things have been happening behind the scenes that are bringing me ever closer to to my dream of a substantive writing career. Not only have I sold an article for a newsletter (more details to come), but I’m making Helium more lucrative as well – including a new direction that involves cooking creativity as well.

Since I’ve had to amend so many recipes to fit into the vegan lifestyle, I figure I can post these recipes on Helium and feature them on the blog. Since Helium is based on ad revenue share, the more hits my articles get the more money I make. This is why I drive everyone crazy twittering links to my work.

Just because the links are new doesn’t mean the work is new. I’ve been going through a ton of my stuff to post new articles (especially poems), so don’t read too much into it. Just click the links and support your favorite struggling writer. 🙂

I’ve also been accepted with a new freelance writer site and just submitted my first article. If this works out, I could actually make a really decent supplemental or full time income from it – but since I just started and am trying to figure things out I’ll reserve judgment until I see how exactly things are run.

If it turns out well I’ll definitely share the wealth with my other writer friends.

For now, baby steps. As always.


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