My New Gig

As promised I will now give you guys more specifics on my new freelancing writer opportunity.

It all started on Facebook, where, if you are a Facebooker, you get ads that should be geared toward your interests. One of the sidebars had a place called Demand Studios, which promised to be one of those places you can get paid for what you write.

Having long been on Helium, I figured it would be something more like an ad revenue service where you get paid per click on your article. So I decided to click on the link. What it promised I thought maybe was a little too good to be true, so I did some additional research. Turns out, you can make a pretty good supplemental income for sure, and full time income if you can fit in enough articles.

They do have some revenue share articles, but a lot are paid directly upon acceptance of your article a flat rate fee, generally around $15 per article. Since these articles are about 400-500 words, we’re not talking about a large chunk of time writing, most people can do that in about an hour.

Where you’re going to spend more time is your research, because these articles aren’t your typical Helium type of article. Consider any college writing you might have done and that would be more comparable. In fact, I’m glad I have that education behind me now because that has helped the process *a lot*. I know where I can find trusted sources and how to sort the information I’ve gathered to put it together into a cohesive, informative article.

You have to apply and be accepted to write for Demand Studios, and once you are accepted then they approve you for three articles. You must submit all three of these before you can be approved for more, based on the content you delivered.

You get to go through their available titles and pick the ones that appeal to you. Generally the best idea is to locate the ones where you have some knowledge. My first three included an article about a television show I used to watch, how to locate a healthy restaurant and Social Security survivor benefits.

After you pick your title you have seven days to write the article before it would be released back into the title pool. You can also unclaim it if you discover you can’t find enough references to support an article or you simply change your mind.

Once you write your article (and provide your sources to back up the content therein), it goes to a Copy Editor for approval. They either accept it and it goes for publication, or they send it back for a rewrite with notes how to improve it.

You only get one shot at a rewrite. If you still fail to deliver the article will be rejected and the title released back into the pool. My article on how to find a healthy restaurant proved to be one of those, as I didn’t quite give the Copy Editor what he or she felt the title required.

The other articles were approved; one right away (the TV show) and one after a rewrite (the one on Social Security).

Having completed these initial three, I was then approved for ten more titles – which I’m working on now. Two have been approved, two are waiting for a copy editor and the rest are in my queue.

The real bonus of Demand Studios, other than the flat fee, is that they will pay you twice a week via Paypal. Whatever you’ve earned by 11:59pm Sunday will be paid to you on Tuesday, and whatever you have earned by 11:59pm Wednesday will be paid to you by Friday.

As it is Tuesday, I’ve received my first payment and that was what I was waiting for before I could recommend it to any of my friends.

So here’s me, recommending this to my friends. 🙂

The drawback of course is the longer you spend on an article the less you make, technically, by the hour. The good news is they have all kinds of articles, even “tips”, that are 30-50 words that pay you lower flat rate fee.

Another drawback is that if your article is rejected, then you get nothing no matter how long you spent on the article.

Which, again, is a big reason to pick those titles you already have some knowledge of – or at least have an interest in learning beyond getting paid for it.

Also, if you have enough articles rejected then you can be dismissed for writing for Demand altogether – so the commitment to quality has to be priority #1. Luckily they have a bunch of resources, even a community, to help you accomplish this and be successful.

One of the articles I read said that you won’t get rich writing for Demand Studios, that maybe you can make $30,000 a year.

I don’t know about you but that’s pretty good for a job where you can set your own hours, pick your own projects, and basically have a “job” that won’t be compromised by things like a bad back. I have woken up, rolled over, grabbed the computer and completed full articles without even leaving bed.

You set your own pace – as fast or as slow as you need.

So far, I likey very much.

Now another place you can find me is the newsletter “Read My Hips” for author Kim Brittingham, who created the social experiment “Fat is Contagious”, for which she’s been seen on The Today Show. I’ve loved Kim’s work for a long time, she’s very pro in loving who you are in the now and she’s anti-diet just like I am.

My first contribution was more relationship focused, about how my “type” had changed over the years with my needs… from Steve Perry to Steven Voight.

I’ve also been in talks with her about my anti-diet rants as well, so who knows what I’ll contribute next? Either way, sign up for Kim because she’s fabulous – and she’s reason enough to subscribe.


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