Many years ago thanks to Queer as Folk I discovered a song that would resonate with me long after I heard it. Today, I’ve decided to make it my September anthem.

It’s a question I think we should ask ourselves every day. What are the things we do that make us feel proud?

Every day should reach further than the day before. We should aspire to keep growing and evolving no matter what circumstances we face. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. We can let it get us down with negative, defeatist pity parties or we can steel our spine and strengthen our resolve to dig ourselves out of whatever hole we find ourselves.

That’s kind of where I’m at with the weight. I can’t control the triggers that started this journey, but I alone have the power to change it. And every day I have that choice, no matter what. Even if my back prevents me from going full bore into a fitness regimen ala “The Biggest Loser” – which I wouldn’t want to do anyway because I’m not convinced it’s healthy.

We all want a quick fix for things that took years to develop. It’s not about finding your pride simply because you’ve accomplished something big – it’s self pride that makes you do the things every day that will ultimately change your life forever.

So what did I do today that made me feel proud?

I’m flipping over my schedule so that I can be more productive. That means I slept at night and got up earlier enough to exercise and get a walk in. (Winston was very pleased.)

I did a 30-minute Pilates routine, a 15-minute dance cardio routine and walked two miles at the park.

In addition to that I started utilizing again so that I can keep a closer eye on my calorie intake.

September has been a tough month for me for the last several years, but that’s only because I let my emotions in the driver’s seat.

This time I’m going to be the one who controls my body instead of the other way around. I may not lose 100 pounds in a month, but I will be stronger, healthier and have more pride in myself.

Who can ask for anything more?


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