Today’s song is an oldie but a goodie:

It is an empowering song that gives permission to women to find their beauty no matter what shape or size, that confidence is what really makes you attractive.

Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful
Everybody’s beautiful in their own special way (yes)
Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract a king
Beauty comes from within (yes)

My lovely friend Hal Sparks has said that if we allow others to make us feel less than it is because we agree with what they say. We agree with their standards that we have failed to or fail to meet, and subsequently give our beauty and our confidence away. The bad news is that far too many women do that despite their size or appearance.

The good news is we have the power to change it.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe
You will achieve (got to believe)
Do you believe (yes) that you are body beautiful?

If we live up to our potential every day, then it won’t matter what other people think about us. They can talk – because people will always talk – and they can pick apart all our perceived flaws because that’s an unfortunate byproduct of human nature. But whether or not we allow that to define who we are is ultimately our choice.

I celebrate the body and enjoy good health
And I gets down with my bad self
It’s all good from the front to the back
Two snaps and a clap for a body like that
It’s a good damn thing I don’t care what you say
Somebody beautiful (I am body beautiful), hey, that’s me

So the challenge today is to find your inner beauty.

I’ll start.

I am beautiful because my eyes see beyond outer appearances to find the beauty of other people and other things despite popular opinion.

I am beautiful because my lips speak things that build people up rather than tear people down. I voice my beliefs even when my voice is shaking because I am passionate and true. I speak words of change and progress because I believe in their power.

I am beautiful because my ears are unafraid to listen to a dissenting opinion. I don’t need people to conform to what I think they should be – I find their value in being their own unique person.

I am beautiful because my heart is strong enough to weather heartbreak and love for a lifetime. If I love you I won’t give up on you, and my heart is big enough and open enough that you may forever call it your home.

I am beautiful because my arms hold up the people that I love. My family and my friends know I will be there to support them, good times and bad. I am unafraid to carry the burden when it becomes too much for you.

I am beautiful because my bosom has become a safe haven for lovers, family and friends; to find warmth, comfort and unconditional love. Embraces can heal a wounded soul or uplift a friend, and they are always a shelter for a lover seeking reassurance.

I am beautiful because my spine is strong enough to steel itself in the face of adversity. Even in the face of overwhelming circumstances, I can find hope to carry on. And I am strong enough to bring you with me.

I am beautiful because my legs have carried me through experiences that would have crippled many others. I may stumble, I may even fall, but I have always made it back to my feet and walked on. And I always will.

I am beautiful because my body gave birth to four beautiful children. I know for a fact that the two sons I raised to adulthood are phenomenal men who are even stronger than I have managed to be. It was the most important job I could ever have been given, and even though I wasn’t perfect I loved them as perfectly as I could. The hard work was worth it – because beauty begets beauty.

All of this is so much more than a dress size or some numbers on a scale. The only way losing weight will make me more beautiful is that it will demonstrate my love of self to take care of this phenomenal body, heart and spirit that has transformed the lives of those I love and made a difference in the world. It will give me more years to spend with the people I love and doing the things I love… and that is why I will celebrate this body by taking care of it.

Today I reclaim my beauty.

And I give you permission to do the same.

Proud moment: Did 30 minutes Pilates, 15 minutes dance cardio and walked two miles at the park. And this blog. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Beautiful.

  1. you really are a beautiful person. the best beauty is a shine from within.
    my BFF told me once that i have a way of seeing the best in everyone and everything. he said that at a time when i was not. i think i have a few things that are beautiful but i think i am most proud of thinking no one is disposable no matter how horrible. it does not mean you have them next to you physically. i realized i love my mom and she is gone. so i can love freely.

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