Apparently I zigged when I should have zagged last time I performed my Pilates routine on Friday. This is a core workout routine that exercises the entire body, and the upper body includes free weights. I guess I got rather enthusiastic about it. As the day wore on it became increasingly clear that I had pulled a muscle in my left arm. By Saturday I couldn’t lift my arm at all, which put a considerable dent on my exercise/writing plans.

I used ice therapy on Saturday to try and heal the sprain, and I kept my arm elevated for much of the day. I did rely on pain killers – it was pretty hairy. That night I took 800mg of Ibuprofen and some potassium. By Sunday it was feeling a lot better but I still couldn’t raise my arm very high and though Steven tried to work that knot out with massage, it just left me more sore and tender.

I’m going to continue heat/cold therapy with Ibuprofen and massage throughout today and hopefully be back in the saddle tomorrow.

It’s hard for me to be still and not do anything, so while I couldn’t type Friday and Saturday I ended up editing through some of my manuscripts. My goal is to prepare them for submission by the end of the month.

Today my goal is to get some articles written. It may not be the eight or so I usually strive for daily, but I’m okay with that. I can’t afford another setback. Sometimes it’s not only okay to move slow… it’s the best thing for long term progress.

Proud moment:

Not waging war on my body. (a forthcoming blog.)
Doing what I can with what I have.
Always focused on forward motion.


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