So today marks one week of being sick. I’ve called it the flu although technically I haven’t had much respiratory disturbances. Mostly my symptoms are dizziness, lightheadedness, a sense of vertigo and subsequent nausea and queasiness. Digestive problems have also plagued me, as well as body aches – hence my diagnosis of flu. It’s not what I would call serious although it has seriously interrupted my life in significant ways. The vertigo means I can’t read large blocks of text on the computer so I haven’t been writing for a week. I’ve also been sleeping a lot with a terrible fatigue that makes me think that the body is trying to heal itself.

Thanks to all the weird dreams, the mind is not necessarily on board with this idea.

The fuzzy headedness makes me think it’s probably some kind of inner ear disturbance. I was plagued with ear infections as a kid. I’ve had bouts of sore throat and that pre-cold nasal feeling, so I keep waiting it out thinking that the flu will finally take hold at some point and I’ll get over it. Since it hasn’t seemed serious with the lack of a high fever I haven’t really pursued any treatment. Since I’m not insured, I don’t go to the doctor unless I think medical intervention is warranted. So far it’s been more of a menace than a true cause for alarm.

It sounds more like labyrinthitis than anything else, which my limited online research shows goes away on its own after a few weeks. (Blech). I’m going to try the antihistamines to see if they work, if not I may end up going to the doctor to get some pills to manage the dizziness – which is by far the most limiting of the symptoms.

Would love to sit up without feeling sick to my stomach. That’d be super great.

My poor friend Shelley suffers this all the time, my heart just goes out to her that this is how she has to live her life every day. It’s not fun. That she has to do this alone makes me admire her even more.

So everything has had to be put on hold and I’m trying to be okay with that, but the Chatterbox has not been especially kind as I watch all the hard work I’ve done undo itself in the space of a week. Here’s where I must learn to be patient and do what’s best rather than what I feel I “should” do… and it makes me feel terribly out of control.

I hate that.

I’ll keep you updated. I’ll call my mother in law later tonight to see what she thinks (she’s a medical professional) and meanwhile just keep doing what I was doing, which not so ironically is what is instructed for people with this particular infection.

* Keep still and rest when symptoms occur.
* Gradually resume activity.
* Avoid sudden position changes.
* Do not try to read when symptoms occur.
* Avoid bright lights.

So if I’m not around much …. now you’ll know why.


4 thoughts on “Sick.

  1. 😦 I definitely do know how you feel! *hugs* it’s miserable. If you see a doctor ask to try meclizine (sp?) or Valium. Both help with inner ear vertigo. And get better soon! x

    1. {{{Shelley}}} I talked to my mother in law last night and she said it indeed sounded like labyrinthitis, and that she had it before and what to expect. She confirmed my taking the antihistamines and if that doesn’t work possibly trying a prescription med for the vertigo. I took two Benedryl last night and work up today feeling more “flu-y”. Symptoms are worse, but somehow that feels like progress.

      Although I had a nightmare that Hal and half of the crew was mad at me. WTF is up with my subconscious??

    1. Thanks {{{Victoria}}} 🙂 I feel yuckier this morning but I think that stuff is finally moving and not just blocking up my poor head. Hopefully I’ll see some improvement over the next few days.

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