Goals. I got em.

Since I got sick over two weeks ago I haven’t been able to write thanks to the vertigo/queasiness/nausea/dizziness etc. I had assignments due but I just extended them, and prayed the next day would see me well enough to get some writing done.

Today four came due that I had already extended and I couldn’t bring myself to extend them again. So since I was up after a horrible night I figured I’d at least try. I started with an article on West Texas, figuring my living in the area would cut down somewhat on the research needed. It took me over two hours to complete (unheard of in my past assignments… I rarely got over an hour and a half on my worst day), but I felt pretty good so I jumped right into my next one.

It was on Connecticut, which I can now spell, but the research did require a lot more reading.

I finished in about two hours, which was great. Still greatly nauseated and I think it’s time to take a pill. I’ve got all day to tackle the other two, which is my goal.

I used to write seven/eight articles a day and now I’m aiming for half that.

I figure it’s a good starting place.

Since my trip agenda has cut down dramatically in the coming months, I can afford to take it a little slower. I think I’m going to concentrate mostly on one trip and just spend the rest of my time getting my work schedule – and my workout schedule – back on course.

Everything happens for a reason. I figure this recent ailment was there to curb my enthusiasm for anything outside of my own self improvement. I’ve only got about a month and a half left before my birthday, and the new theme I’m setting for the next year of my life will require me to be in optimal fighting condition to carry it through.

It’s time to be strong and it’s time to be fierce.

In other words… look out world… you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Tenacious g

(In the meantime I’m gonna take a pill and try my best not to throw up. Progress… not perfection…)


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