The Clock is Ticking

Normally this is a phrase that would make me anxious. I’ve always been worried about time running out, which I think might be why my mortality is so frightening. I’m afraid I’ll die before I get everything I want to do done.

But this time the clock is ticking on my old way of life. We’ve been going through a lot of the groundwork – digging up all the old dirt so that I can plant new seeds for a more successful harvest. I’ve toiled greatly and it hasn’t always been fun.

In fact, none of it is fun. Self examination is not for the weary or faint of heart. It’s ugly, brutal work that can leave you feeling worse than the events that might have been the origins of your issues.

Interestingly, however, it has left me feeling empowered. I realize that I’m the one that has to cut the strings to the puppeteer of my past. I’m carrying things that don’t belong to me, another insightful gem from Tyler Perry’s powerful Oprah interview.

It’s kind of like Dorothy’s moment in the Wizard of Oz where she discovers she’s always had the power to get the thing she wants most.

Scratch that… it’s not kind of like… it’s *exactly* like.

I have the power to let all that old stuff go as well as the power to seize the things in life I really want. For the first time in like, ever, I feel bold. And I really can’t wait for things to finally get into motion.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

The lovely and talented Hal Sparks inspired a trend I’ve been following for several years, where on my birthday I give myself a new “theme”. Goals and progress then follow this theme. My theme for this year was “epic”, and a few weeks ago I started to panic that I wouldn’t have anywhere to go from epic.

Epic is… well… epic.

But I decided finally what would make a great theme and this last trip to Los Angeles really reinforced that with a few theoretical (but painful) bricks to the noggin. The lovely and talented Marie D. Jones (my dear dear friend) helped me direct my focus from what the theme would be into what would serve the theme. Thoughts first, then action. That is the much heralded not-so-secret Secret.

It’s like Hal’s philosophy about how we can do anything we want, we just have to put things in order. From his Myspace Blog:

“Everything you want to do breaks down into 3 stages/steps 1) The Practical – All the mechanical elements, physical skills, nuts and bolts 2) The Theoretical – the specific application of the practical elements. The order in which they must be applied, the study and understanding of the rules of application 3) The Magical – the stage when the practical and the theoretical fuse with little or no effort or thought and become genuinely useful. The Syntax of these three steps is the key to their success. See, most people think you accomplish things in reverse order and that is where they fail.”

I’ve been doing things in the reverse order. Not unlike waiting for self esteem rather than doing the work to build it. And I’ve failed on both counts.

So now I’m ready to Crush It. I’m not even really waiting until my birthday to start, but that’ll be where I debut the new theme and all the new projects that will serve it. Until then I’m chomping at the bit to share the journey with all of you… but I’m going to do this in order.

Practical… theoretical… magic.

The clock is ticking, and just like that ball in Times Square that announces the new year I’m counting it down with hope, expectation and best of all… determination.

You thought this year was epic… just wait for what’s to come.


2 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking

  1. Reading this i just got reminded of that song, cant remember the artist, maybe the Eagles that had this line.
    “So oftentimes it happens, that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we got the key.”

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