Crushin’ It.

Took a pause from Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway to read Crush It!, a book about how to capitalize on your passion and start doing what you love.

I bought it on the recommendation of our resident Glowing Brain Hal Sparks, but I didn’t know how much use it would be to me because Steven read it first and told me what the advice was to do, and I have pretty much done most of the stuff he recommended.

Get an online presence, build a brand with social networks, speak passionately but always be authentically yourself.

Reading it, however, does put it right in my head to act on opportunities rather than sit passively back and let life roll on by. Always eager to be the overachiever I pounced on several things, including developing my own fan page on Facebook, way before the author ever touched on the topic.

In a very real way I’ve been preparing for this for a long, long time.

I began my first blog in 2003 on AOL, which ended up being featured as a weight loss blog during the month of February in 2004. By November of 2004 I found my way to Myspace and developed a following there on topics that ranged from writing samples to politics and everything in between.

It was hard to keep an audience invested diverging between so many topics so I ended up splitting my interests between three new blogs.

This one is a personal one that talks about my life; the good, the bad and the ugly. Here my family can come and not feel beat on the head with my strong political ideals and still keep abreast of what I’m doing.

Ginger@Large is where I do most of my political ranting. If strong liberal ideas aren’t your strong suit, I wouldn’t recommend following it. I’m always up for a debate though, so if I can definitely take what I dish out.

Driving on the Sidewalk is where I divide my attention between American Idol and noteworthy douchebags with my Douchebag of the Day blog. It’s been pretty scarce over there for a while but I’ll be back in fighting form once we hit Idol season again.

And as for my writing, well – every year I blog my NaNoWriMo efforts and those have specialized blogs. NaNoWriMo is where writers attempt to write a 50K novel in 30 days (the month of November) and you can read my very raw efforts here.

Thanks to Crush It I’ve also decided how I’m going to use my Ustream channel, at least for the month of November. We’re going to have a weekly reader Q&A to discuss the story and any other questions you may have about the process. I hope that my other NaNoWriMoers will join in to discuss their time in the trenches as well.

So if you haven’t become a fan yet, you can click here to become one.

If you haven’t voted for me to get the Good Mood gig from SAM-e, you can click here. (It’s once daily till November 10)

And if you’re just too darn tired of me peddling my wares, click that button at the top of the tab that closes the page.

Because more is coming.

I’m totally crushing it.


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