The Last Day of an Old Life

I have designated tomorrow, November 1st, as the first day of my new year’s theme. I did this mostly because I plan to be exceedingly busy on my birthday, but also because it comes not a day too soon.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting ready for it. I’ve read my books, set my goals and prepared myself for a pretty significant year-long plan. If goals are just dreams with deadlines, I’ve firmly put those deadlines in place.

It’s also created an excuse-free environment. These goals are pretty hefty, there’s not going to be any wiggle room for slacking off or half-assing it (as I’ve been prone to do.)

The theme itself even dictates that should I run into some unexpected circumstances (like my family crises earlier this year), I cannot veer from the charted course.

I’ve packed a lot into this year and not a whole lot of time to get it done.

My health is still an issue, as the vertigo has returned with a vengeance thanks to overdoing it a bit on the LA trip. These last few days have been killer, so much so I’ve had to up my medication – which pretty much leaves me comatose for twelve hours at a time.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, ask my pillow.

But as of midnight November 1st, even my illnesses can’t stand in my way.

Every time I face an obstacle, I’m going to have a new mantra to get around it.

So tune in tomorrow at the stroke of midnight when I will post my new theme and my new goals, just in time to start my NaNoWriMo project soon thereafter.


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