Drumroll please….

As I said days ago, today debuts my theme for the new year. I figured the only way to go beyond epic was to make everything UNSTOPPABLE. That, my friends, is the new word of the year.




Make a banner. Fly it high.

Only a select few have known about it until now, including the brilliant and wonderful Marie Jones who shares this theme with me for the year. She is one of the best parts of my last trip to Los Angeles because she stirred up a fire in me truly phenomenal people do. She made me see that the only thing standing between me and my dreams is me.

And it’s high time I got over myself.

I’m tired of hitting brick walls and going half way before I give up the fight.

It’s time to learn how to climb, higher than I’ve ever climbed before in my life. Because I can do it – I have everything I need to succeed already. The time for waiting is long over.

This year I’m going to give it 100% and believe that I’m worth it, another nugget from the amazing Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. In my relationships, in my career, in my personal fulfillment – I refuse to allow anything to detour me from the path.

This will get more extensive as the year goes on, right now we’re in the building stage. I’m laying the foundation in substantial ways by putting theory into action. Truthfully I’ve already put a lot of these principles in place by getting work done even with physical ailments, and for making goals and big decisions (and I mean really big decisions) that I had formerly allowed fear to paralyze me from making.

I have a goal plan securely in place that includes getting my weight and my finances under control. And, in nine months, I’m going for broke to chase the dream for real, rather than pay it lip service. And I refuse to stop until I catch it. I’ve allowed a lot of things to stop me in the past, including my own fear that I wouldn’t make it so I never even bothered to start. Next year, though, the time for timidity is over and I’m going to make it happen, sink or swim. More about that later on, but I’m about to take a pretty big risk I’ve been avoiding because I was afraid I was making the wrong decision.

Per FTFADIA, there are no such things as wrong choices.

My lovely friend Hal Sparks said it best in this interview, when he said that if he could be God he’d instill the thought into everyone that we are here to learn. Life is an education and we should approach it as such; being joyful at the endless enlightenment rather than fearful of a perceived system of punishment and reward.

It’s like a little kid when they begin to learn and the world opens up to them – somewhere along the line we all grow too cynical to really appreciate the wonder of the experience.

His lil nugget of wisdom – or ten ton brick:

“You don’t have a choice of whether to learn your lessons in this life. You have a choice whether to learn through joy or through fear.”


Hal Sparks – The Soho Interview from Starcare on Vimeo.

So this is me.




Join me, won’t you?


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