Be in the Here and Now

It’s been an interesting ten days trying to get into the groove needed to complete my goals; the most important of which is to move to California in nine months and to lose enough weight that I can be under 200 pounds when I get there. So far I managed to raise my income by about $200 from week one to week two, which is good, but I still face some health issues with my allergies that have me doing a *lot* of juggling.

This time of year is where you’re likely to find me suffering through ten-day migraines and trying to just function in very basic ways much less wrangle the most out of each day that I can. So I’m still not up to the nine hour days/five days a week I aimed for and budgeted for… which makes that substantial increase in my income even more impressive.

The second part of my career/writing goals is how I’ve been Crushing It; mostly setting up much of the foundation of my brand in the manner of blogs like the new Geevie Takes On review blog.

I also have put the health stuff on the back burner while I figure out what kind of daily schedule I will need not only to work those nine hours but also finish my NaNoWriMo project on time.

Of everything I’ve got on my plate that’s the one goal that is actually being met… sorta. I’m a chapter behind due to my allergies yesterday BUT I’m closing in on 15,000 words. You can read that here.

It’s like I’ve jumped off a sinking ship only to remember to learn how to breathe while I’m furiously swimming to shore.

So despite this rigorous schedule that will have me

1.) under 200 pounds by August 2011
2.) move to CA AND
3.) pay for six months rent in advance
4.) pay off debt/ start to restore credit
5.) finish a book in November and at least one more script
6.) work on selling books/screenplays already written

I’m only going to worry about today.

If you know me then you know I’m a planner. I have all that stuff planned down to what I must do each and every day to make all that happen.

So all I need to do, then, is to worry about each day as it happens.

That’s all I have control over anyway, and each step of the way is there to teach me something… something I will absolutely need once I take that next step toward making my dreams reality in California.

Completing each successful day is how I will build my esteem and confidence so that when I get to California I will have the tools necessary to network, make connections and sell my brand.

During a pretty uplifting and enlightening conversation my friend Bliss helped me understand this very basic concept thanks to a clip she shared with me of Dylan Brody; who talks about Be Here Now in a brilliant and funny way that really hit home for me. It was so simple and so true, yet I had lost sight of its significance.

If you’re like me, and you’ve lost sight of power of today because of the clutter of the bigger picture, watch that clip and just rededicate yourself to the here and now.

It’s all we have. It’s all we can control. And it’s completely within our power to make it everything we need it to be.

Remember; you are worth it and you can handle anything. So Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.


2 thoughts on “Be in the Here and Now

  1. I miss talking to you.:-( Let’s get back to talking and help each other be unstoppable. I know I need all the support I can get.

    1. I know completely what you mean! I’ve been feeling so cut off from everyone right when I need the support the most. But recognizing that so we can fix it is the key to being unstoppable 🙂

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