One Day Richer.

Yesterday I saw a commercial for one of those intervention shows and a woman triumphantly announced that she was four days sober.

That got me thinking.

She had previously had a way of life that was destructive, but she changed it one day at a time and celebrated each day like the accomplishment it was.

She defeated her addiction by the day. By the hour. By the minute.

It made me wonder why we didn’t treat all addiction breaks this way.

When someone has a successful “diet” day, no one says, “I’m one day healthy!” Instead they focus on that goal off in the distance that, after a few bad days, can seem impossible to reach. Yet it’s still an addiction that must be conquered one day at a time.

No one says, “I’m one day rich,” when they manage to break any addictive spending habits that kept them from prosperity.

We destroy ourselves in any number of ways. Our addictive behavior can manifest itself in ways that have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol, and yet we treat one like a disease and the other like human failure. No one gets accolades for getting one day richer or one day healthier – and so we often don’t see these accomplishments for the positive blocks in a better foundation that they are, which means we fall prey to beating ourselves up and becoming self-destructive all over again.

The accomplishment of one day often gets the shaft.

After all… it’s only one day.

But that one day is very important. Good days compound just like bad ones, and that’s all our current situation is… just a collection of bad days.

We have the power – always – to change the tide.

One day becomes two, which becomes ten… then thirty.

Pretty soon you stack up enough days of being richer and healthier until you realize you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck anymore, and you can fit into a lower size.

Or buckle a seat belt on a plane…which is my next area of anxiety I’ll face in 11 days.

Why I never thought of this before now, I dunno. But it makes absolute sense. Reward the achievements of the day. It’s a building block to overcome past destructive behavior and reach those goals that seemed so unattainable before. I’ve got too much to do to let a collection of bad days stop me.

Time to focus on making just one day good. That’s all I can ever do anyway – the past is over and the future is not guaranteed for any of us.

I just need to remember to put just one foot in front of the other.

Now, taking the lessons from last month, which I’ll get into in another blog, I am not going to fill my plate to overflowing with things I know I can’t all fit. I’ve got a lot of stuff already going on this month and I’m still finding my footing.

This month I’m concentrating on the One Day Rich philosophy. Odd choice for a consumer-driven month, I know, but I have no qualms withdrawing myself from the glut of excess around the holiday season for a couple of reasons.

1. That’s not what its about.
2. There are greater gifts to be had.

Since this is the last Christmas we’ll have with the boys living with us for the foreseeable future, the focus is on the memories we’re creating and the time we are sharing together, not some huge list of shit we can’t afford that won’t ultimately service their future, i.e. no video game systems or electronic crap that does nothing more than simply waste time.

The gifts they’re getting will be those to help them become more independent and self-sufficient.

Everyone else… I hate to spoil the surprise but you’re getting my love and appreciation.

It’s another no-purchased-gift holiday.

Because each day in December I’m going to grow one day richer – with the idea of hitting the new year more financially sound and a foundation under my goals for California.

In January we’ll kick off the one day healthier program.

New habits form one month at a time.

But new lives change one day at a time.


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