Unstoppable November

In November, when I started my Unstoppable year, I managed not only to increase my income three fold (turning in my second highest earning month since May) BUT I also completed my 50,000 novel even when I thought I couldn’t.

It is that second accomplishment that I think taught me the most.

By the time the last week of November rolled around I only had 30,000 words or so written and was sure that I had totally missed the boat on Nanowrimo this year. I tried to do too much too soon and thus didn’t achieve any of the goals I had set for myself.

I had made progress, but I hadn’t done the things I wanted to do and knew I could do.

Which means I no longer knew that I could do them.

I think we forget sometimes exactly how powerful we are and how much we are capable of. Just because we have never done something doesn’t mean we can’t do something – it’s just a matter of pressing through… being unstoppable… and doing it.

So with only a week to go I dove back into my story determined to go down fighting. If I didn’t make my 50K words it wouldn’t be because I didn’t try.

I crossed the finish line early November 30.

I did it. I didn’t think I could do it, but I totally did.

That has helped me reconsider all those other things I thought I couldn’t do.

Truth be told I’m a little anxious about the goal to move out to California. Fate is aligning me to where I’ll be where I need to be to get things done, but I worry that I won’t have the guts or follow-through to make sure I do it.

Remember when I told you that Steven went out and secured another job that would put us in the Orange County city of Yorba Linda?

Well… turns out that didn’t happen. The owner of the store where Steven was going to go after his job ended up shot in the head after he had to close the doors abruptly due to mounting bills he couldn’t pay.

This made me go back online and see what else I could find in the Los Angeles area and we found something right smack in the middle of LA. Close to Hollywood, close to the studios, close to Beverly Hills and writer-chic West Hollywood. It doesn’t have all the amenities but it’s cheaper overall and puts us right in the thick of things.

Which of course makes me super duper nervous thinking about all the work I’ll have to do to really put myself out there.

Needless to say… I’m a wil nervous.

But just because I’ve never done it doesn’t mean I can’t do it… and like my last blog says I just need to face these challenges one day at a time.

It’s how I completed Nanowrimo – it’s how I will do anything.

So I guess the moral of Unstoppable November is that being unstoppable doesn’t mean you hit the mark of all your goals perfectly… you just never stop aiming for the bullseye. If up springs an obstacle, like it so often will, then you find another way around it.

Now on to Unstoppable December….

My goals are much simpler in that there’s only really a couple: Increase my income by double and follow a budget faithfully.

And, oh yeah… enjoy myself. I left that part out of last month. Not making that mistake again.

So how was your unstoppable November?


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