Looking for my Un.

In these past few weeks I’ve felt quite stoppable. From crippling muscle spasms to what feels like the onset of the flu, my body is definitely working against me achieving any kind of real goal of any significance. Sure I can get up out of bed, but achievements beyond that have been quite limited. This has impacted everything, especially my income. The trip to Vegas was decidedly more shoestring than I had originally intended, so needless to say everything since we came back has been even more so.

It was just like a line of dominoes. It’s amazing how one missed goal can lead to a chain of missteps if you’re not careful.

And evidently I haven’t been so careful.

I don’t mind much not going on a spending spree for the holiday. The family and I had a real chill Christmas where we just enjoyed being together. We ate some good food, shared some small gifts and treasured the true gift of the family.

I haven’t been especially careful with my food intake, and I suspect that Hal is quite right when he says dairy causes inflammation. It’s either that or my PMS is hitting epic proportions the closer I get to menopause… which can’t be good for anyone.

Of course, technically I haven’t missed the goals I’ve had for the new year because I had enough foresight to allow for the holiday season. We’re right on target with our moving budget, but with Steven’s employment status in flux as of next month, we’re uncertain how to budget for a new job he doesn’t have yet.

Note we’re not that concerned that he’ll *get* a job, we’re just concerned if it will meet our budget to keep our household afloat while we save significant money for the move. An hourly wage may not cut it… and he’s contemplating getting two jobs to cover the slack.

It’s just one more obstacle we have to find our way around. Being unstoppable doesn’t mean being unpausible, where you have to stop for a second to regroup.

Which is kind of where I am.

So here’s the game plan:

Start the new year with a healthier diet. Detox off of all the chemical stuff with a more plant-based diet, even if that means a salad every day for a week if I can’t manage to cook anything. Raw veggies are better than none at all.

Two: gonna finally look into acupuncture. I know it can take weeks to heal from muscle spasms, especially the violent kind that I’ve had, but I’m tired of sleeping 12 hours a day drugged up on strong medication. I have to find a more natural way to manage the pain.

Three: ease back into my job. I may not can write 8 articles a day as yet, but I can write four… and four is better than none.

Four: ease into exercise. I can’t do a lot yet but I have to get moving somehow. Sitting still helps manage the pain somewhat, but I get stiffer and more susceptible to aches and spasms when I finally do get around to moving. Since the acute phase is finally subsiding, I can finally work out the kinks by careful exercise.

That’s it for now. I may be moving in slow motion… but I’m moving, by God.

Time to rediscover my Un.


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