From the Stars… Part One

Even though I read horoscopes, or in this case my twittascope, mostly for entertainment value – I have to admit it’s kinda freaky the kinds of deep messages I’m managing to pull from these little nuggets of unintentional wisdom… the last three days especially.

We’ll start with message I got on January 1st, the meaning of which is kind of a blog unto itself.

“Your thoughts can definitely have a direct impact on your finances today. But contrary to some New Age theories, visualizing your new car or house isn’t sufficient to make one appear. However, there is a direct relationship between your self-esteem and your earning potential, so find time to uncover any emotional blocks that are still in the way of your prosperity.”

I’ve done some research on The Secret before, the idea that all it takes to live the life of your dreams is to envision it. It’s a book and DVD that came out several years back and received both good and bad feedback based on the “feel-good, new-agey” message that you can create your own reality just by simple thought.

There’s merit to both the theory and to the criticism.

I do believe if you concentrate your focus on a goal, you can attract that thing into your life. But I don’t believe it’ll just pop up without your taking defined steps to make it so. No matter how strong it is, faith alone only takes you so far. You have to actually get out of the boat if you’re ever going to walk on water.

In other words, I can envision being a produced screenwriter till the cows come home, but no producer is just going to land on my doorstep in Texas and say, “Let’s make this thing happen!” without my actually WRITING the screenplay.

I’ve actually got to do the work, hone my craft and develop my skill. Hal Sparks talked about this in his Myspace blog a hundred years back when Myspace was still relevant.

“Everything you want to do breaks down into 3 stages/steps 1) The Practical – All the mechanical elements, physical skills, nuts and bolts 2) The Theoretical – the specific application of the practical elements. The order in which they must be applied, the study and understanding of the rules of application 3) The Magical – the stage when the practical and the theoretical fuse with little or no effort or thought and become genuinely useful. The Syntax of these three steps is the key to their success.”

These are two other laws directly tied into the LOA – or Law of Attraction – that takes what you’re focusing on to the next level of your actually achieving the object of your focus. But no one wants to hear about these next logical steps because it is completely up to us, not the cosmos.

A preacher I used to listen to (who, btw, had exposed me to the Christian-based part of the Secret at least 13 years before Hal did) put it thusly: “You do everything within the realm of the possible. That’s your job. Everything that is in the realm of the impossible is God’s job.”

Switch the word “God” for “Universe,” and you pretty much have the same idea.

In other words… Practical. Theoretical. Magical.

The problem is our gotta-have-it-now-with-little-effort-on-our-part society doesn’t really want to hear about those other two universal laws, the law of action and the law of time, because they’re not as mystical as the law of attraction, and they just don’t sell books.

You tell someone all they have to do to get that beautiful necklace they see at a jewelry shop on the way to work every day is to just think about it – that’s magic.

Tell someone that aside from the thought of that necklace they actually have to do the work and wait for that work to produce the benefit of that necklace and they’re going to look at you like, “Well DUH. That’s no secret.”


As long as the steps you can take to become what you want are in your power to accomplish, you still have to be the one taking the steps and doing the work.

Do what is in the realm of the possible… that’s your job.

And I thought I understood this fairly well until two days ago… when the aptly timed horoscope hit me upside the head like a toaster.

The theory really does have a secret, one I don’t recall ever being touched on before.

The law of attraction begins with your own sense of self-worth.

Even though I’ve done visual aids recommended in the Secret and through Positive Confession, I’ve always had trouble envisioning myself as successful. I can’t quite picture *me* in the center of the life that I tell myself that I want. It goes back to the good-but-not-good-enough syndrome I talked about in my Destiny blog. Since I’ve never quite made the leap from aspiring to do something to actually having done it it, the chatterboxing devil on my shoulder keeps whispering in my ear that proves I can’t really do it.

Where’s my evidence otherwise?

Not only have I never sold a screenplay but I can’t get anything to place in any contests, so therefore I’m “fooling” myself into believing I can actually make this thing happen.

The problem with this kind of self-depreciating, doubting mind is that no evidence or proof will ever be evidence enough. It will always demand more and more.

Never mind that I have been optioned, I have worked with a director and producer, I have attracted the attention of an agent, AND I have people in the business who tell me I can do it….

Forget all that positive reinforcement.

Because *I* don’t believe I can do it I’m going to listen to the chatterbox. Oh sure, I’ll randomly send out a screenplay to a contest or two where I merely “hope” to place but deep down I still won’t believe I have the goods to actually do it. The resulting “thanks but no thanks” response just validates my low self esteem and “can’t win for losing” mentality that says sure you’re talented… you’re just not talented *enough.*

And it doesn’t stop with just the screenwriting, where only so much is within my control before I have to release it to the cosmos to do with it as it will.

It also counts for all the “real” work within my capability, where I earn my actual living. I have a job now where I can almost literally write my own check, but I have yet to meet my financial goals because of this excuse or that (mostly all physical.) That’s when it hit me. By believing down deep that I am not worth my full earning potential I literally freeze off the influx of any prosperity or blessings and attract the excuses INSTEAD.

It’s not that the Universe thinks I’m good but not good enough that has molded this realty… but because I DO.

*collective gasp of revelation.*

This twittascope, which could have been written for anyone of any sign and still hit the mark, finally drove the point home that I’ve somehow been missing. I have been attracting a universal truth into my life, but it’s not the one I want.

It’s the one I think I deserve.

Talk about your brick!

Let’s bask in that wisdom for a second.

*That* – my friends – is the real ‘secret.’ The law of attraction works with or without your consent, but fully along with your cooperation. If you don’t think you deserve to achieve the things you want, you’re never going to get it. That has nothing whatsoever with luck or what God thinks you deserve. The universe is responding to your core belief no matter what it is.

Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

What a powerful kick in the pants to start off 2011. In a year where I have so much to do to gain what I want, I need to work on the part that says I don’t deserve to get it before I can ever make anything happen.

How to do that, I dunno. That’s where the therapist comes in, I guess.

So…to be continued?

(and suggestions welcome!)


2 thoughts on “From the Stars… Part One

  1. I know this was written a long time ago but I just stumbled across it. I work on this stuff all the time and am constantly trying to figure out this process also. I think it’s true about self worth. And I’ve also found that the more relaxed I am about my desires, the more easily they come. If its no big deal whether or not I get something, I usually get it because I want it, but I’m relaxed about it and can let go. It’s the stuff I REALLY want that seems to elude me when it comes to trying to work with the Universe. But that REALLY wanting energy may be tangled up with a desperately needing energy which is probably mirroring the low self esteem stuff. So when I’m relaxed it’s because I know I’m good enough to get it, it’s a no brainier. But when I doubt I’m good enough for my deeper desires, I’m not relaxed, I’m panicked, and the Universe sends me duds. So yeah, therapy, inner work, self love, inner child stuff. And that takes time 🙂 but keep it up and thanks for your post!

    1. Thanks for your comment! 😀 As I read through the blog post to reacquaint myself with the topic, it blew my mind to realize this was just months before I took the bull by the horns and published my work as a self-pubbed indie writer. Since then I’ve written four more books and actually found an audience/following. It’s really amazing to see the Universe/God meet effort more than halfway. Never give up… you can make it happen!!

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