From the Stars… Part Three

Our third and final twittascope musing (because we’ve thus far caught up to the same day) kind of bookends the ongoing theme of the Secret.

Part One – we talked about what we attract to ourselves, whether intentionally or unintentionally, which touches on the Law of Attraction, or LOA.

Part Two- we talked about the law of action, where it is up to us (and only us) to do the hard work to Make It Happen.

Part Three not only fuses the first two ideas together, it will take us into that realm no one really wants to talk about… the Law of Time.

Your ideas can be so outrageous today that it’s difficult to tell if they are based on reality or fantasy. It’s important to distinguish between the two, for you must temporarily set aside your unrealizable dreams so you can accomplish something that has lasting value now. Creating an action plan is not enough; you must take the next step and do something about it. However, it’s not helpful to attempt too much all at once. Many manageable steps are better than one spontaneous leap forward.

We’re not just talking bricks here, kids. We’re talking about an entire eff’n WALL.

The lesson I pull from this sort of hits on another topic I broached last year, where I suggested that each successful day we have adds up to the results we want.

Take something manageable – the day – and concentrate on making it a success in all the ways you are capable of making it.

This takes what we can do in the realm of the possible and leaves the realm of the impossible to time and tide itself.

The Universe, or God, if you will.

I’ve got way too much to do to worry about *everything* getting done RIGHT NOW. This sets me up for failure in that I’ll feel like if I can’t accomplish these unrealistic goals I’ll never be able to get where I really want to go.

This will underscore that deep-seated belief that I don’t deserve to get there.

So we’re going to break all this stuff down into manageable elements.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

So here are the goals for the day:

Write seven articles. They don’t have to be written all at the same time, and I can take a nap or two as needed in between, but I have to write those seven articles to stay on par with my monthly income goal.

Track my food. It’s high time I take my head out of the sand and get focused on the fuel I’m putting into my body, good or bad. You can keep track of it here on my Spark Page at This accountability will keep me honest, not just with you guys but with myself.

The second part of that is I’m going to keep a food diary, private for now, that tracks not just what I eat but why. I’ve been doing some research on the eating disorder of Compulsive Overeating, and I think there’s something to it that could be keeping me from meeting my long-term goals. I figure if I write in a diary why I am prompted to eat and what I am tempted to eat, then I can show this to a therapist and figure out new tools to deal with emotional triggers.

Which means I have to call around today and find a therapist and make an appointment. In order to afford it… I have to get the seven articles written.

So as you can see it’s all connected. And that’s it for the day; it covers all the ground I want to cover without over-extending myself.

And the mantra, thanks to these three twittascopes, will be as follows:

I deserve the life I want. I deserve to be healthier and successful, and I fit into the life of my dreams.

I have everything it takes to make it happen, and I can handle whatever comes my way.

I don’t have to make everything happen all in one day. I can keep it simple, build this foundation, and let time take care of the rest.

Because I’m available for more good than I’ve ever experienced, realized or imagined before.


3 thoughts on “From the Stars… Part Three

    1. Not at all! I’m thinking about printing mine out and posting it next to the bathroom mirror so I can be reminded it of every single day – reciting it as many times as possible until I feel it.

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