My Love-Hate Relationship with Oatmeal

So we all know there are studies that recommend oatmeal as a healthy breakfast option. It may help reduce things like diabetes and heart disease, it helps you control your weight, it’s generally additive free and let’s face it… oatmeal is a hearty breakfast that will keep you satisfied hours after you eat it.

My problem is boredom. No matter what you add to oatmeal it still tastes like *oatmeal*. I’ve tried maple syrup, I’ve tried bananas, applesauce, raisins, berries and nuts. I’ve tried all sorts of sweeteners and an array of spices. I’ve tried it thin, I’ve tried it thick… I’ve even tried making OTHER things out of it like muffins.

Eventually I run out of enthusiasm about oatmeal before I reach the bottom of the container.

It’s just so…. oatmealy.

This last trip to the grocery store I knew I had about a half a container of oats in the pantry so I couldn’t really justify buying anything else for breakfast this week. I just had to come to the terms that I would just have to trudge to the kitchen every morning and putter around with zero enthusiasm about what I was going to eat. Invariably this just makes it seem like more work that leaves me exhausted by the endeavor before I take my first bite.

The first day, I couldn’t even get through the whole bowl.

The second day, I opted for an egg sandwich.

Today I only had about 10 minutes to get breakfast and get back to the computer before Hal’s show. Since my back has gone out (i.e. locked up in horribly painful spasms whenever I turn one inch too far to the left,) this meant I really only had one option.

Throw a bowl of oats in the microwave.

So I took a deep breath and prepared the bowl. I got out my measuring cups and poured 1/2 cup of oats into a bowl, and one cup of water. I grabbed a handful of raisins and tossed them in as well. I considered a sprinkle of cinnamon or even pumpkin pie spice (with cloves, nutmeg, etc) but decided I just wasn’t in the mood. Instead I just added about a teaspoon of packed brown sugar and left it at that.

I put the bowl in the microwave and let it go for a minute. I stirred the contents and then let it go for another minute. By the time it was done it was really thick, but I was pretty much okay with that since I’ve been eating thinner oatmeal for the last month or so and I wanted something just a bit more substantial.

So I put just a pat of margarine on top and let it melt, then I added a splash of cold milk and stirred it until it was a creamy consistency.

With a resigned sigh I grabbed the bowl, a cup of berry flavored green tea and my trusty bottle of water and headed back to bed where I could rest my aching back against a heating pad to make it through Hal’s show.

When I took the first bite I realized something….

Butter/margarine makes the difference.

Yeah I know it’s not the healthiest addition to the breakfast but the difference in taste was night and day. And my motto these days is eat what you like as long as it’s reasonable. A carton of ice cream at midnight… not reasonable. A pat of butter on your oatmeal… reasonable.

Because I wanna like what I eat.

I want to love my oatmeal.

(Don’t judge me.)

(If you have any oatmeal recipes you love, feel free to share. I’m totally open for suggestions.)

My caloric breakdown for yesterday, courtesy of


2 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship with Oatmeal

  1. lolol. honey, you know i love you. and i *try* to take this post seriously. but “i want to love my oatmeal” made me lol at work. people looked. i could only continue to laugh. thanks! i totally needed a good giggle. 🙂

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