Being Okay With Not Fitting In.

So I was watching The Social Network last night and if things are going according to plan I’ll be wrong about the Oscar winner for Best Picture for the second year running. I just personally didn’t see what all the hullabaloo was about, and I can’t see myself ever writing, or even wanting to write, something similar.

Granted I tend to lean more commercial in both what I want to write and what I like to watch. But there have been some Academy Award winning movies, Crash and American Beauty for instance, where I *was* motivated to hone my craft and create such a masterpiece.

I would never write something like The Social Network. Even in my darkest work of Dirty Little Secrets, there is redemption and universal justice that just didn’t quite make it into Sorkin’s tale – of which most of it was fabricated. With my own particular brand of ethics I could never play that fast and loose with the truth just for the sake of rattling some cages.

If the story doesn’t interest me enough with the truth, then does it really need to be told?

Even with my own unintentional autobiography Fatty I felt compelled to keep it as factual as possible even if I didn’t remember every little detail. Accuracy was only compromised by perception and memory, not manipulation.

(I started to write it the other way, by leaving a lot of my personal stuff out and just using a couple of key events to build a fictional tale around. But my pen won’t lie. Once I got started the truth gushed forth like a volcano that had been dormant too long. And I – the title character – ended up taking the biggest hit – I didn’t skewer someone else’s personality just to make it “zing”. )

Things need to appeal to my writer’s integrity or I simply can’t write it well. I have to sell my story first to myself before I can ever try to sell it to the world. And making someone an asshole if they aren’t really and then somehow rewarding them for such just doesn’t gel in my mind.

And apparently I’m alone in this because people AND critics freaking LOVE this movie.

Personally I’d rather watch Inception again. It was a total mind-bender but at least it was honest.

All of this draws into focus something that has been nagging at the ol’ subconscious for a few weeks now. The sale of a book or a screenplay all goes down to something as subjective as taste, and these times we are living in offer a wide range of options for those who want to get their stories in the hands of the general public. The doors to publishers and production companies may indeed be a lot more narrow, but the avenue to the audience is far and wide.

I’ve experimented with it a bit over the years. The most memorable experience was finding a teacher who wanted to share my manuscript for Comic Squad with her class, and it went over very successfully. My erotic series Raven Walks got a virtual following who, when I took a left turn they didn’t appreciate, actually were up in arms in a protest (and I won most of them back by the end.)

Even my last Nanowrimo project garnered a fan who spread her love for my story, and the story itself, as far as she could take it.

But people don’t come to blogs to read books. They go to places like Amazon. And as luck would have it, I can actually put my work there.

So I’ve developed a huge marketing push in the coming months that will include but is not limited to:

a new comprehensive website
my own product on Amazon
giveaways and prizes that introduce a wider audience to my brand
self promoting like a ************

Yeah, I’m going to have to work my tushy off to make this happen. But I have faith in my talent AND my stories, and no one is going to work harder for me than me. There is an audience out there hungry for what I’m creating and I already know that.

I may not fit into a “conventional” mold but that’s okay.

I was better built for innovation anyway.

I’m get to be unstoppable…. on MY terms.

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4 thoughts on “Being Okay With Not Fitting In.

  1. I hated Crash. It made me mad that I won’t ever get that time back. I haven’t watched the Social Network because I never understood the appeal. Guess I’m different, too.:)

    1. I loved Crash. I thought it was a masterpiece and hope to one day write something that powerful and tightly written. Well deserved Oscar win. It is very very challenging to write one story very well within the space of 100 or so pages, and they did it with an entire cast. That’s freaking brilliant.

      It also touches on the unusual idea of having each character become a protagonist and antagonist somewhere through the entire movie, and had a cohesive theme that is more than just showing someone can be a major douchebag and become a gazillionaire.

      That’s why I won’t be recommending The Social Network. If that’s a statement on society, that’s not a society I especially want to participate in.

      But I’m not bitter. 😉

      (Life’s too short for that… read a sign today that said for every moment you spend upset that is one chance at happiness that won’t ever come again. Too true!)

  2. I still hated Crash. I was mad it won the Oscar because it was so cheesy to me. I hated the story and rolled my eyes throughout the whole thing.

    That is so true!

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