Let’s Do This Together: Pound by Pound

For everyone who is going along with my journey, I’ve created a new Facebook Group for us. This will help us support and encourage each other during this unstoppable year. I’ve made the memberships public but the content private, so if you want to post things like weight loss, etc. you can do so within the comfort of the group.

And if you’re not trying to lose weight but just be healthier, or need any kind of support for your unstoppable goals in 2011, then feel free to join and help share healthy recipes, encouragement and support.

It’s a group for friends who want to get the most out of this year and truly make it Unstoppable.

For those who wish to shed some pounds, I’ve also created a team for the Feeding America Pound for Pound Challenge. For every pound you pledge to lose between now and May 31st is a pound of food given to your local foodbank.

Join the Unstoppable 2011 here.

Let’s do this together and support each other, and through this we can make a positive impact on the world in the process.

Welcome aboard!!


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