Six Months.

In six months I’ll be headed out west to California to embark on the next phase of my life. That means I have to really find a way to get on the ball in the months in between to prepare myself for the new experiences that await me there. I need to heal enough to work full time and also get around more, because I REFUSE to spend day in day out in bed once I get there.

I’m way too powerful to allow this minor stuff hold me down. I’m a fighter. Always have been, though mostly out of necessity. The trick is to dig deep and pull out my uncompromising tenacity at will, rather than at need.

Health is going to have to be my focus in the short term. It’s time for a vegan detox that gets rid of all the yucky stuff that complicates depression while keeping me from my weight loss goals. These last six weeks on my back have put a big dent in my goal to get under 200 pounds by the time I get out there. I have to now take more decisive measures to get as much as I can under control as naturally and as healthily as possible, no matter what that number ends up being. There is no more wiggle room. So sick or well, it’s time to get back on the wagon starting with a shopping spree for healthy spring veggies to fill my body full of unstoppable goodness.

I’m laying the foundation to hit the ground running once I get out to CA.

Slaying these familiar dragons will not be easy (though you think it would get easier) as I dump that ol’ devil Sugar and its equally nefarious Dairy.

But these comfort foods have lose a lot of their comfort when you begin to feel suffocated by the excess weight and all the sluggish emotional BS that comes with them.

I’m tired of feeling bad. It’s time to feel good again – both in my body and in my spirit.

I have a goal. I have the will. And I certainly have the strength.

And though I may be pauseable, slowable and even sidetrackable…

I refuse to be anything less than unstoppable.


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