If I ever wonder if I did a good job as a mom…

In response to a Facebook thread where a mutual friend was addressed by a religious fundamentalist in regards to gay hate, stating gays will not be allowed into heaven, my son wrote this:

I just want to state that whoever believes that god hates gay people are ignorant people, gay people are just as beautiful to god as any other human being and if you don’t think so I hope you enjoy your stay in hell because it’s bullshit to think god can comprehend such a pity emotion as hate for the things he created…..

they are getting thinner and thinner with everyone putting all their faith in shit other people say, people need to just find out what makes sense to them instead of trying to have stupid people try to tell them what god wants, …no one fucking knows how he thinks, I believe if someone is gay then let them be, ruining their happiness cause you don’t like the idea doesn’t seem to be very christ like to me, but hey, that’s my opinion……

Oh I have one thing to say to Debra, if you want to take shit from Leviticus and actually believe it’s the word of god you must also follow these laws….. Laws concerning molten gods, peace-offerings, scraps of the harvest, fraud, the deaf…, blind, elderly, and poor, poisoning the well, hate, sex with slaves, self harm, shaving, tattoos, prostitution, sabbaths, sorcery, familiars, strangers, and just weights and measure (Leviticus 19) So fuck off with your hate 🙂

That I took from the book too, it’s funny how re quoting the bible can completely fuck up your argument 🙂

And there are so many more laws in Leviticus that are ridiculous Nicole don’t worry about what Debra said, technically Jesus came down to save us because we were doing it wrong, so all the scripture before him is bullshit, these people just… need something to hate because they hate shit about themselves, and it’s easier to just push that hate on someone else and use god as an excuse, they are pathetic and Satan looks forward to seeing them 🙂

And all this started over a NOH8 conversation, which my OTHER son posed with me an official photo last year.

It’s a proud day to be a mom of a new generation that knows HATE is not a CHRISTIAN value. ❤


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