It’s that time of year again.

Two weeks left until I turn the big 4-2. It hit me today though that instead of the involuntary shudder it normally causes to think how fast time is passing by, the way I need to look at it is as a blessing. I was never promised I’d make it to 42. God knows that I did everything I possibly could to prevent getting here by being self-destructive and basically stupid.

The next candle on the cake is cause for celebration and triumph, especially when you consider how much I can accomplish in a year.

The last two years have brought me to a place I didn’t know if I would ever see. I left a lot up to the roll of the dice. But thanks to 40 being “epic” and 41 being “unstoppable,” my 40s are shaping up to be a decade where I step into my own power and realize how much I can make things happen.

Steven calls me a force of nature in how I transform and influence those around me. In the last couple of years I’ve proved this to myself by transforming and influencing my own circumstances.

So where can one go from “epic” and “unstoppable?” Despite all the progress I’ve made I still have a lot of room for improvement. I am not where I want to be either physically or professionally, hence the reason to get to California ASAP. But just getting out there isn’t going to bring about this change. I need to take a more proactive role in my life that takes what I’ve learned about myself (epic and unstoppable) and apply it to those areas where I’d like to see significant growth.

To accomplish this I must follow the simple advice of Yoda: Do or do not. There is no try.

Therefore the theme for Year 42 is “No Excuses.” If I want to be healthier I have to eat less trash and move more. By doing this I need to find reasons to do the right thing instead of excuses to fall back on bad behavior. Even if my back rebels (and it will) I need to make baby steps rather than stand still. If I want to be more successful then I have to step outside my comfort zone, network, meet people and put my ego on the line. Even if doors get slammed in my face (and they will) I can’t use a battered ego as an excuse to stop. I need to find reasons to keep going until I find the one that will open. If I truly believe in my talent (and I do) then I owe it to myself to take the risks.

Success doesn’t land in your lap already assembled. It is a sum of the positive choices you make every single day toward the bigger goal of personal excellence. There is nothing to be lost by trying and falling short… but there is nothing to be gained by not trying at all.

I’ll end up stuck in the mud and it’ll be my own fault. Mediocrity isn’t what I’ve been cursed with, it’s what I’ve chosen.

This birthday is a blessing because it reminds me that my life was given to me for a reason. There are no excuses for wasting it.

What’s more I have no problem if all of you remind me of this over the next year. Old habits die hard. I will no doubt try to make excuses why I can’t do things. Don’t let me get away with it. That’s my fear talking and fear never got me anywhere. Hold me accountable. Remind me that I can make things happen, so if things aren’t happening it lands directly at my feet.

If you live in the Los Angeles area feel free to pry me out of the house and make me face my fears. I’m a hermit by nature and turning that into some networking wizkid is going to take some persuasion from those who have a little more expertise in the matter.

No one gets to the top all alone. The only reason I’ve had an epic, unstoppable start to my 40s is because of all the love and support I get from all of you. So you hereby have permission to kick me in the ass if I need it. I can’t promise I’ll like it at that moment… but in the end I’ll thank you for a lifetime.

In keeping with my commitment to work together and make positive change in the world I have created a charity project for my birthday this year. It is to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help those kids afflicted with disease fight for their next birthday. I’m asking 19 more people to give just $10 to meet my $200 goal. Of course you can give more if you want; I’d love for this project to work like my b/d project for Hal and exceed its initial goal.

Feel free to donate or join as a fundraiser to show me a lil’ love for my birthday.

Thanks for all you do to make my life worth living. Your support, love and friendship give me one more reason to celebrate a sparkly, exciting new year. 🙂


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