A New Year, a New Focus

As has been my tradition for many years, I dedicate each new year on my birthday to a central theme that guides my focus to achieve any goals I have. The last year was one of “No Excuses,” where – no matter what I was faced with – I would not let any excuses stand between me and the next step in my career.

As a result, even though the first part of 2012 were a tremendous struggle, I’ve made surprising strides towards where I want to be, both professionally and personally.

I knew six months ago what the next stage to follow had to be. I have to keep moving forward with the assurance my efforts will be met with equal measure. I learned a very important lesson in 2012: the Universe rewards the bold. You have to be willing to step out on faith and accept that you are worth living the life of your dreams in order to make it happen.

I’ve been too skittish for too long. I’ve believed all the negative chatter that I heard from others and worse… repeated to myself.

Those days are gone. They have to be.

The higher you climb, the more fearless you have to be. Otherwise you’re climbing a ten foot ladder while everyone else is scaling Mt. Everest.

The kicker of it is I still feel as skittish as I’ve always felt. I’ve put off this particular goal for a while now because I didn’t “feel” brave yet. I’m taking baby steps, but there are some things I’ve got planned this year that drive me nearly to an anxiety attack. But I read something on Facebook that stuck with me… it only takes a few seconds of discomfort to push through that. Then you discover the world doesn’t end because you fail.

In many ways, that’s where it begins.

Now that I’m starting to see the seeds of success burst through the topsoil after years and years of waiting, there’s a lot more at stake as I step out of my protective, safe and familiar comfort zone.

But I’ve reached the top step of that ladder. There’s nothing else to do but to find a new mountain to climb.

Am I scared? Sure. But I’m also excited. I’m finally starting to see that I can make the life of my dreams a reality. That life has made one step towards me.

It’s my turn to take my first bold step in return.


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